Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Alabama skyline at Railroad Park.

Birmingham is not the largest city in Alabama, but it is the largest city in the most populated county of Jefferson. As such, there are a lot of things for college students to do in the area, though it’s more of an industrial town than a college city. 

Two of the more prominent colleges in Birmingham are for graduate studies, with the University of Alabama’s Birmingham School of Medicine and their School of Dentistry. 

Here is a look at the rest of the higher education landscape in Birmingham, AL.

Universities in Birmingham, AL – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Tuscaloosa is home to the University of Alabama’s Main Campus, but the headquarters of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is located in Birmingham. 

Birmingham Southern is a small 4-year Methodist college East of downtown, Samford is a similar-sized Christian school in the city of Birmingham, and students at Herzig University and Strayer University also call Birmingham home. 

Community Colleges in Birmingham, AL

There are two primary community colleges in Birmingham, Jefferson State CC and Lawson State CC. Both offer associate’s degrees in addition to many certifications. 

Get to Know Birmingham, AL 

Since even before its founding in 1871, Birmingham has been a hub of industry in the South. Sometimes called “Pittsburgh of the South,” Birmingham was a major manufacturer of iron and steel and one of the biggest producers of railways and railway cars during the Western expansion of European industry in the United States. 

Nowadays, it still has the industrial grit, but also boasts a rapidly growing tech industry and a low cost of living given its size. 

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