Denver, CO

Snow-covered Longs Peak, part of the Rocky Mountains stands tall in the background with green trees and the Downtown Denver skyscrapers and hotels, office buildings, and apartment buildings filling the skyline.

The Mile High City is home to a lot of fun, a lot of opportunities for adventure, and a lot of places to get an education.

It holds the titles of Denver’s most populous city as well as the capital, and as is the case with many capital cities, the quality of college education in Denver is considered top-notch and students come from all over the country to attend college in Denver. 

The Rocky Mountains offer fun in every season, with the summers in Denver playing host to several festivals, and the ski resorts in the winter attracting snow sports enthusiasts from all over the planet. 

Universities in Denver, CO – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The University of Colorado has a large campus in Denver, and the Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Denver also share the city’s name. Other 4-year colleges in Denver are Johnson & Whales University and Regis University.

Community Colleges in Denver, CO 

The Community College of Denver is considered one of the best in the state and also has some bachelor’s degree programs in addition to the 2-year college programs they offer. Other smaller colleges included

  • Aveda Institute 
  • Denver College of Nursing (also has 4-year programs)
  • Lincoln College of Technology
  • And several certification schools

Get to Know Denver, CO

By most accounts, the best part about living in Denver is the surrounding beauty. Mountains galore, sunsets, and sunrises to drool over make every day in Denver worth going outside for. Even when it snows, it tends to get warm quickly in the city, as it is much lower in elevation than the ski resorts up in the mountains. 

It’s also a very trendy city and the average age is very young. If you’re into progressive city vibes, Denver is a great place.

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