Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan, USA downtown city skyline on the Detroit River.

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan, as well as the largest border city on the U.S. side of the U.S./Canadian border. Toronto is the biggest on the north side and is further south, longitudinally, then Detroit!

With the northern locale, Detroit is not for people who don’t like the cold, but even though the rumors about the cold are true, the image of Detroit as a run-down city is dated, and the city is a great place to go to college with several options for education and fun year-round. 

The auto industry is the top dog in Detroit, as far as the economy, with Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler (now called Stellantis North America) all headquartered in the Motor City. 

Universities in Detroit, MI – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The University of Michigan was born in Detroit but is now located in Ann Arbor (where it’s been since 1837). Wayne State University, however, lies within the city and offers hundreds of degree programs, most of which are 4-year degrees. 

The College of Creative Studies is also in Detroit and offers specialized degrees like the University of Detroit Mercy, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and Ecumenical Theological Seminary. 

Community Colleges in Detroit, MI 

The Dorsey School of Business has a campus in Detroit, but the major community college campus in Detroit is Wayne County Community College, which serves as a pipeline to one of Michigan’s other universities for many students. 

Get to Know Detroit, MI

An aerial view of Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI
An aerial view of Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI

With a gritty image and reputation for putting out artists with the same personality as Jack White and Eminem, Detroit is a very proud city that is on the rise after some economic troubles a couple of decades ago. It’s now the second-biggest GDP economy in the Midwest, behind only Chicago, and will forever serve as a port of entry for goods and people traveling to and from Canada. 

In the summer, students enjoy the lake and the many outdoor venues the city has to offer, and when it cools off, clubs and live music venues are aplenty! Ice fishing is big in Detroit, too… we heard it’s really cool.

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