Durham, NC

Durham is a fairly large city in North Carolina, with a population of 283,000 according to the 2020 Census. Durham is best known for its colleges, however, and it is as much of a college city as you’ll find in the south. 

Even people who don’t follow basketball have probably heard of the Duke/UNC rivalry, but many don’t know that the colleges are in the same city… Durham! Between these two colleges, countless NBA players have started their basketball careers in Durham, most notably, Michael Jordan. 

But fear not if you’re not into hoops, art, and museums are everywhere in Durham, and the weather is nice enough for a walk year-round. 

Universities in Durham, NC – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Duke is located in the Northwestern part of Durham and boasts some tremendous architecture and its reputation as a great college. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill is in the southwest corner of the city and has a bit more of a rural feel than Duke. 

Other universities in Durham with 4-year programs include the Apex School of Theology and North Carolina Central University.  

Community Colleges in Durham, NC

Durham Technical Community College is the main community college in Durham, but the Carolina Career College also offers many certifications for those students not looking to attend a 4-year university in Durham. 

Get to Know Durham, NC 

Aerial shot of Durham, North Carolina on an overcast day in Fall.

Though they get rowdy for their basketball games, Durham is a pretty mellow college city with a lot of green and classic Southern architecture. 

It was also a hub during the Civil Rights Movement and continues to be a progressive voice for southern cities. 

Even though it’s in the south, Durham does experience the beauty (to some) of snow nearly every year, but it rarely is enough to cause any sort of transportation issues.

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