Glendale, AZ

An outlet mall, hotels, and various other shopping and entertainment facilities in Glendale Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona). Phoenix skyline is visible in the distance on the horizon. The University of Phoenix Stadium is home to the 2015 championship game XLIX.

Glendale, AZ can be considered a suburb of Phoenix, as it is located 9 miles to the north, but it certainly has it’s own identity and is even home to the “Phoenix” Cardinals football team. However, this identity doesn’t scream “come to college here” quite like neighboring Tempe, and it’s certainly more of a family city than a college town. 

However, ASU does have a campus in Glendale, and some students who attend schools in Phoenix and Tempe enjoy the Glendale feel for the relaxed feel. 

Here are the options for colleges in Glendale, AZ.

Universities in Glendale – 4-Year Colleges and Online

ASU’s West Campus headlines the options for 4-year colleges in Glendale and offers students degrees in health, business, education, and other liberal arts. The West campus enrolls about ⅓ the number of students as its Tempe counterpart. 

The other 4-year university in Glendale is Arizona Christan University. 

Community Colleges in Glendale, AZ 

Glendale Community College offers certificates and associate degree programs to students, as do Arizona College and Platt College’s Glendale campuses. 

Get to Know Glendale, AZ

Mohave County, Arizona, USA: welcome to Arizona sign with the state flag - border with Nevada - state line -

Arizona is affordable and sunny. This is pretty true throughout the state, even in the mountains where it isn’t quite as warm. As far as arts, antiques are actually very popular in the city, so much so that it’s nicknamed Arizona’s Antique Capital. Perhaps not the most alluring thing to college students, but fear not! The live music scene is really good too, and Glendale’s Murphy Park hosts a summer concert series as well as a Jazz and Blues festival every year. Bring your sunscreen!

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