Hialeah, FL

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A neighbor to Miami, Hialeah, FL is home to nearly 225,000 people as of the 2020 Census, most of whom are of Hispanic descent, as Hialeah has the second-highest proportion of Hispanic Americans in the country, with 94% of the city’s population claiming Hispanic heritage. 

As is no surprise, that brings with it a deep cultural experience for non-Hispanic students who attend college in Hialeah… and that means a lot of fun and great food to be had!

It’s close enough to have a Metrorail station that can get students all over Miami (including the beach!) even if a car isn’t something that’s in the cards as you start your college career in Hialeah. Here is a look at the college landscape.

Universities in Hialeah, FL – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Given its population, Hialeah doesn’t have a ton of options for 4-year colleges and universities, with Florida National University’s main campus serving as the only place to get a 4-year college experience in Hialeah. 

Community Colleges in Hialeah

Community colleges and vocational schools are in higher demand in Hialeah, and More Tech Institue, Futura Career Institue, the Florida Career College, The College of Business and Technology, and American Advanced Technicians Institute all have campuses in Hialeah offering 2-year degrees and/or certification programs.

Get to Know Hialeah, FL

Entrance of Hialeah (FL) Municipality

Hialeah is, pretty much, part of Miami, and with the aforementioned public transportation allowing students to access all parts of the bigger city, it’s safe to say that Miami’s entertainment scene is also Hialeah’s. 

Beachfront clubs, top-tier sports teams, and stadium concerts are all regular occurrences in Miami, and Hialeah serves as a place with a more neighborhood feel but with equal access to all the surrounding fun.

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