Hollywood, FL

Aerial view of hotels on the waterfront in Hollywood, Florida, USA.

Thanks to a big sign on a hill and about 30,000 movies taking place there, Hollywood, California is what most people think of when they hear the city name. However, Hollywood, Florida has plenty to offer students interested in attending college in this southeastern Florida city that sits on the Atlantic coast between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. 

In addition to the beach life and a lot of tourism, Hollywood’s economy is also stimulated by manufacturing including Chewy dog toys and treats and HEICO which makes aerospace parts. 

Universities in Hollywood, FL – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Though there are several options to the south in Miami, such as the University of Miami and Florida International University, Hollywood, FL does not have any 4-year universities or colleges within its city limits. 

Community Colleges in Hollywood, FL

If you’re a college student going to school in Hollywood, you’re most likely attending Hollywood City College which offers associate degrees and general studies for those looking to transfer to a 4-year university. Sheridan technical college offers similar certifications for students who want to enter the workforce with a tech ob. 

Get to Know Hollywood, FL

Hollywood sand beach in Florida coast in the early morning

Hollywood is a beach town, tried and true, and is also one of the most diverse cities in southern Florida. The boardwalk is where a lot of residents go for a good time, but miles upon miles of coastline also give residents the opportunity for a more secluded trip to the sand.

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