Jackson, MS

The urban skyline of Jacksonville, Florida with the St. John's River dividing the city shot from an altitude of about 1000 feet over the city.

Johnny and June Cash liked Jackson, MS enough to write a song about it, and most who have visited understand why. It’s a capital city, which usually brings with it a lot of options for higher education, and Jackson is no exception. 

It’s a huge influencer in the Southern art scene, and many prominent blues, jazz, and gospel singers make Jackson a regular stop on their travels and tours. The downtown district has a college-town feel, and with more than ten colleges to choose from, it’s no surprise that education is one of the biggest parts of the economy in Jackson. 

Here’s what else the city has to offer college students!

Universities in Jackson, MS – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Jackson State University shares the name of the city and is, in turn, the most recognizable campus in the city. However, Strayer University, Millsaps College, Belhaven University, and Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning all have campuses in Jackson. 

Community Colleges in Jackson, MS

Most of the schools above offer 2-year programs, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for an associate’s degree Jackson’s sole community college, Antonelli College, doesn’t have what you’re looking for. 

Get to Know Jackson, MS

Jackson, Mississippi, USA cityscape at dusk.

Jackson is a progressive town, as are most capital cities, but that doesn’t mean it’s not in the South. Fishing is a big part of the economy and also a means of entertainment for many of the city’s inhabitants. With warm weather year-round, other outdoor activities like hiking and swimming are also very popular in Jackson. 

As far as a typical college student weekend, there are plenty of places to catch a band, have a beer, or just relax and enjoy the laid-back, southern vibe of Jackson.

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