Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida, USA Skyline.

Both land-wise and population-wise, Jacksonville, FL is the biggest city in the state of Florida, though it doesn’t have quite the city feel as Miami or Tampa. With nearly 1 million people as of the 2020 Census, Jacksonville has a very diverse economy. As with any Florida city, tourism is popular in Jacksonville, but it also has a huge military presence and the many defense and tech contracts that come with hosting Uncle Sam. 

As far as colleges, it may come as a surprise that the biggest city in the state is not home to either Florida State or The University of Florida, but The University of North Florida is in Jacksonville, and there are a few other places to attend school in Jacksonville, and plenty of fun to be had for those who don’t mind some heat. 

Universities in Jacksonville, FL – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Jacksonville University and The University of North Florida headline the options for 4-year universities in Jacksonville, but a few other schools offer bachelor’s programs, too. They are Chamberlain University, Edward Waters College, and FSU’s Jacksonville branch campus.

Community Colleges in Jacksonville, FL

There are several options for certifications in Jacksonville, and you can find them on the grid below this article. As far as associate’s degrees go, Sunstate Academy’s Jones Technical Institute, the Concorde Career Institute, and the Florida Career College all have campuses in Jacksonville. 

Get to Know Jacksonville, FL

The urban skyline of Jacksonville, Florida with the St. John's River dividing the city shot from an altitude of about 1000 feet over the city.

Jacksonville is unique in that it is very laid back while still being very populated, and there is a coexistence between everyone who comes to Jacksonville to find work or other forms of happiness. Hippies hang out at the beach alongside military personnel, tech workers, and swarths of people who come to the city from the north for some warmth in the winter (which means plenty of part-time work options for students).

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