Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City Skyline with Goldman Sachs Tower Reflected in Water of Hudson River, as seen from Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, NY, USA. The image is lit by the morning sun. Canon EOS 6D DSLR and Canon EF 24-105mm F/4L IS lens.

Jersey City is located in the northern part of the state with which it shares a name, with much of the city lying on the Hudson River just across from the Manhattan skyline. The population was 283,000 as of the 2021 census, with a very eclectic mix of cultural influences. 

Given its size and proximity to New York City, the college landscape is pretty robust, with both private and public universities held in high regard by the college community. It’s not exactly a traditional college town, as nothing near NYC is quite traditional, but there is plenty of fun for students as well as plenty of places to escape and focus on schoolwork. 

Universities in Jersey City, NJ – 4-Year Colleges and Online (Priority Section)

Princeton University is very close to Jersey City but does not quite fall within the city limits. 4-year colleges that do lie within Jersey City’s borders are the Eastern International College (which also has a standout online program), New Jersey City University (the largest school, by enrollment), and Saint Peter’s University, located in the northern part of Jersey City, with rapid access to Manhattan. Notable alumni of Saint Peter’s include several government officials from New Jersey and New York, including current NJ Senator, Robert Menendez.

Community Colleges in Jersey City, NJ 

There are a few options for 2-year degrees and certificates in Jersey City, with the traditional option for community college being at Hudson County CC. Additionally, Branford Hall Career Institute and the Garden State Science and Technology Institute also offer more focused certification in tech fields. 

Get to Know Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City skyline silhouette in colorful geometric style. Symbol for your design. Vector illustration.

Jersey City can certainly be considered a suburb of New York City (and is, by many), but most suburbs don’t have 300,000 people in them, and with the population in mind, there is still plenty to do in Jersey City that doesn’t require crossing a bridge or a tunnel to get to NYC. 

People often make the trip in the opposite direction to enjoy some of the food and live entertainment Jersey City has to offer. Additionally, the city has garnered the nickname “Wall Street West” for its rapidly growing financial district near its waterfront.

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