Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a town of 173,000 people that is about 80 miles east of the largest city in PA, Philadelphia, and the capital city of Harrisburg. The area of the state is known for having a large population of Amish, but the city itself is modernized and offers students plenty of options for indoor entertainment in the cold winters. 

The endless rolling hills and farmland outside of the city are also fun to explore when the weather allows.

The college landscape is a bit limited, however, but Harrisburg and Philly have plenty of options in the area if you don’t find what you’re looking for in Lancaster!

Universities in Lancaster, PA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

 The college landscape in Lancaster isn’t particularly robust, but two schools of focus are popular among PA residents. The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design is located in Lancaster and offers 4-year degrees, as is the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

The private Franklin and Marshall College is also located in Lancaster and offers a full range of 4-year degree programs.  

Community Colleges in Lancaster, PA

The PA College of Health Sciences mentioned above has some 2-year programs in the healthcare space, and the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is also found in Lancaster and offers students associates and certification programs in several tech fields. 

Get to Know Lancaster, PA

Lancaster has a very family-friendly atmosphere, and as it is located near a large Amish population, it’s no surprise that religion heavily influences many parts of the region, as does Dutch culture, where the Amish originated. There is even a theme park called Dutch Wonderland!

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