Lexington, KY

The area of Lexington where the University of Kentucky is located feels like a quintessential southern college town, but as it’s now the second-biggest city in the state with a metropolitan area of nearly half a million people, there are plenty of modern amenities to suit those potential students who want to have a city life near their college of choice. 

 Also, given the population, it’s probably no surprise that there are a few other options for college in Lexington beyond the campus walls of the University of Kentucky. Here’s a closer look at Lexington’s college landscape.

Universities in Lexington, KY – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The University of Kentucky is the largest college in the state, and as such demands most of the attention when discussing universities and colleges in Lexington. With one of the most prestigious basketball programs in college sports for both men and women, a lot of campus fun is centered around sports, not unlike most large schools in the South. 

Transylvania University, located downtown, offers 4-year degree programs, as does American National University on the western edge of the Lexington city limits. 

Community Colleges in Lexington, KY 

For the traditional community college experience in Lexington, Bluegrass Community, and Technical College has the most to offer, with 2-year programs across a wide breadth of industries. Lexington Solutions-College for Technical Education and the Lexington Healing Arts Academy also offers more focused certifications. 

Get to Know Lexington, KY

Photo of one of the buildings of the University of Kentucky, a public university in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Lexington was one of the first permanent settlements in the state and brings with it a lot of history, predating the state itself. Some of the history is, of course, a bit less encouraging than others, but there is plenty of good, too! The first African Baptist Church was founded in Lexington, and through the course of its existence, Lexington has always been touted as a city that found a way to stay afloat and create opportunities for its residents. Horse racing is also extremely popular in Lexington, although the Kentucky Derby is held annually in Louisville. 

The cost of living is relatively low compared to some other cities of similar size, and the weather doesn’t get too extreme on either end of the spectrum.

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