Lincoln, NE

Capital cities often bring with them many options for college, and Lincoln, NE is no different. The city of ~300,000 (2021 Census) is home to the main campus of the largest public university in the state, The University of Nebraska, and life around that campus provides a traditional big college experience, with concerts, division 1 sports, and a lot of opportunities for internships and post-college employment. 

Originally called Lancaster, Lincoln was renamed in 1969 after the recently-assassinated President, and coincidentally, that was the same year the University of Nebraska was founded. Here is a look at the rest of the college landscape in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Universities in Lincoln, NE – 4-Year Colleges and Online

As mentioned in the intro, the University of Nebraska demands the most attention when discussing 4-year colleges in Lincoln, NE. With more than 25,000 students, the campus is a small town within the city of Lincoln, and many campus structures also serve as community gathering places for residents of the city. 

Union College and Nebraska Wesleyan University also offer a broad range of 4-year degrees in Lincoln, and Bryan College of Health Sciences has bachelor programs in the healthcare space. 

Community Colleges in Lincoln, NE

Bryan College of Health Sciences also offers many certifications and 2-year programs, and Southeast Community College has a few campuses in and near Lincoln that give students a wider range of programs to choose from as they pursue an associate’s degree or certification. 

Get to Know Lincoln, NE

A quintessential midsized, Midwestern city, Lincoln has a very homey feel, which many college students like as they leave their own homes for the first time. The cost of living is low, but there is still plenty of entertainment, though most of it is located near the University of Nebraska campus, which might not be a great thing for some potential students. However, as easy as it is to find crowds, it’s just as easy to escape them, with mild weather year-round and several waterways that offer opportunities for hiking, swimming, camping, and other outdoor activities away from the city bustle.

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