Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is (ironically) the biggest city in Arkansas, and also serves as the state capital. Both of these characteristics usually mean a lot of options for prospective college students, too, and Little Rock delivers. The University of Arkansas’ main campus is located in Fayetteville, but the largest satellite campus is, indeed, UA-Little Rock, which serves 13,000 of the system’s 60,000 students. 

The population of Little Rock is just over 204,000. The city has most things you’d expect from a place that serves as both the most prominent business and political hub in the state. There are several museums, art festivals year-round (the weather is nice!), resources for young people who are on their own, and a lot of places to meet new friends. 

Universities in Little Rock, AR – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The Arkansas State University system is headquartered in Little Rock. It offers degrees at all levels from associate to bachelor’s and even master and doctorate degrees for those interested in graduate studies in Little Rock. 

The Arkansas Baptist College is also located in Litle Rock, as are Philander Smith College, Strayer University-Arkansas, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, all of which offer 4-year degrees in Little Rock. 

Community Colleges in Little Rock, AR

Remington College’s Little Rock campus is the primary choice for a community college experience in Little Rock, but there are several vocational schools that offer certifications, including the Velvatex College of Beauty Culture and the Eastern College of Health Vocations. 

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