Modesto, CA

Modest, CA view of street lights and buildings at dusk

Modesto is a medium-sized city near the California capital of Sacramento. It means “modest” in Spanish, and the vibe of the city backs up the name. There are about 220,000 residents in Modesto, so there is plenty of “city stuff” to do, but many of the residents jump in the car when it’s time for recreation. Modesto is only about a 90-minute drive to Yosemite National Park, but really any direction you go will give you some options for outdoor exploring.

Lake Tahoe is another popular destination not far from Modesto, and even the beaches are close enough for a day trip with some friends. 

Universities in Modesto, CA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

There are no typical 4-year universities in Modesto, but many students still call it home given its proximity to the capital city of Sacramento, which has several options for internships and jobs for recent graduates. Both Yosemite Community College and Modest Junior College do have a select number of bachelor programs, though!

Community Colleges in Modesto, CA

The aforementioned 2-year colleges of Yosemite Community College and Modesto Junior College are the only campus options for a CC education in Modesto. 

Get to Know Modesto, CA

Daytime view of the historic 1912 Modesto Arch as it spans over I Street through downtown Modesto.

Modesto is a pretty typical city as far as the makeup. The downtown area is very vibrant and where the vast majority of shopping, eating, and entertainment options are, and the rest of the city is a small, quiet neighborhood. As there is no typical 4-year university in Modesto, it’s certainly not a place for a traditional college experience, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, Modesto has a lot to offer for the outdoor types!

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