Norfolk, VA

Aerial shot of Downtown Norfolk, Virginia from over the Elizabeth River at sunrise.

Known primarily for having the largest U.S. Navy base on the East Coast, Norfolk Virginia also has a rich history and a lot of opportunities for young people. It’s the third-largest city in the state of Virginia, with 238,000 people, but it’s located a short drive from Virginia Beach, which happens to be the second-largest. With that in mind, the metropolitan area definitely feels like a big city, and students looking for an affordable place to attend a college that still has a beach and some nightlife might like Norfolk! Here’s a closer look at the college landscape. 

Universities in Norfolk, VA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Aerial shot of Downtown Norfolk, Virginia from over the Elizabeth River on a sunny morning.

Norfolk is still a military town no matter how you spin it, but there are two large colleges in the city, too. Norfolk State University definitely offers a traditional college town feel on and around its campus, and Old Dominion University is a bit smaller, but also is very much a traditional school. These two universities are the only options for 4-year degrees in Norfolk. 

Community Colleges in Norfolk, VA

Centura College has a campus in Norfolk that offers 2-year degrees, and the city is also home to Tidewater Community College, which serves more than 34,000 students and is often used as a stepladder for students looking to transfer to a 4-year college elsewhere in the state (or beyond!). 

Get to Know Norfolk, VA

Norfolk has a lot of water! It shares a coastline with the Chesapeake Bay and several miles of the Elizabeth River, and it’s also a short drive or bus ride to Virginia Beach for students who like to sunbathe when the weather allows. Speaking of weather, Norfolk has a full swing of the 4 seasons and occasionally sees some snow in the winter. Summers are hot, but did we mention there is a lot of water to cool off in?

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