Oakland, CA

Aerial stock photo of downtown Oakland California and Lake Merritt early in the morning at sunrise.

Located on the East side of the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is home to 440,000 people. Its primary function, historically, was as a shipping port and trade center, and to this day the Port of Oakland is still the busiest in Northern California. Oakland was also the western terminal for the transcontinental railroad, and many of the goods shipped into the port via ship are sent east through the rail system. 

Transportation and shipping aren’t the only things going on in Oakland. The downtown area is quite hip, with plenty of places for entertainment and relaxation, and it’s a quick trip to the Sequoia National Forest, which has some of the largest trees on earth and great year-round camping. There are several options for schooling in Oakland, including 5 places that offer 4-year degrees. Here is a closer look!

Universities in Oakland, CA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The University of California’s System Administration Central Office is located in Oakland, but somewhat surprisingly, Oakland does not have a University of California campus (i.e. UCLA) nor a California State University campus. However, these colleges all offer 4-year bachelor programs in Oakland:

  • Lincoln University
  • Mills College
  • Samuel Merritt University
  • Holy Names University

Community Colleges in Oakland, CA

Laney College and Merritt College are both located in Oakland and offer associate’s programs and certifications. Oakland’s Peralta Community College System offers students the typical community college pipeline. 

Get to Know Oakland, CA

The morning sun rises on the iconic Fox Oakland Theatre, a concert hall and former movie theater in Downtown Oakland.

Everyone in San Francisco Bay gets to enjoy nice weather, a short trip to beaches, and a lot of entertainment all year round. However, the cost of living is very high, which can be a deterrent for many college students. Oakland, however, is one of the more affordable regions of The Bay Area, so even if you choose to attend a college elsewhere, Oakland might be worth checking out. Public transportation is readily available to take Oakland residents all around The Bay Area.

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