Ontario, CA

Day time ground level view of the residential area of Ontario, California.

Ontario is one of the nearly-countless eastern suburbs of Los Angeles, located about 35 miles east of downtown, halfway between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, and has a population of just over 175,000 people. Ontario is primarily an industrial city and was even modeled and named after the city in Canada, another industry hub… but not one close to beaches and the glitz and glamour of a city like Los Angeles.

In its early years, agriculture was vital to the economy and supplied much of the produce that was consumed in Los Angeles County. It’s now much more industrial and cement-covered, having grown from just 20,000 people less than 50 years ago. Many of the residents are of Hispanic descent, and you can rest assured that the Mexican food in Ontario is as good as it gets north of the border.

Universities in Ontario, CA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Ontario California has 4 colleges and universities that offer 4-year degree programs. The University of Phoenix, DeVry University, and Platt College all have campuses in Ontario, as does the more local West Coast University. 

Community Colleges in Ontario, CA

For certification programs in the education field, the United Education Institute is the place to go in Ontario. The American Career College and Baldy View Regional Occupational Program also offer affordable education options to students in Ontario seeking certification or an associate’s degree. 

Get to Know Ontario, CA

Ontario Town Square amphitheater in the civic center area. featuring close up pink flowers, palm trees and a american flag

Los Angeles suburbs usually don’t have a ton of character, and Ontario is no different, but the weather and proximity to pretty much everything SoCal has to offer to make it a desirable place for many people. Rent is noticeably cheaper than in one of the L.A. boroughs, but it’s still accessible by public transportation if you want to get your beach fix or spend a night out in Hollywood looking at some stars. 

As far as setting roots after college, Ontario is often considered one of the best places to raise a family in the Los Angeles area, with many all-ages events in the town square, and a heavy reliance on community. 

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