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Mickey and Minnie take most of the limelight in Orlando, FL, but there are more than six colleges that offer 4-year degrees, as well as several colleges for certifications and associate’s degrees. Another thing that is appealing about Orlando for many college students is the weather. It gets humid in the summer, but there is water everywhere to cool off, and the winters rarely see a freezing temperature, even in the middle of the night. 

You really can’t talk about Orlando without mentioning Disney a few times, and another reason going to college in Orlando can be appealing is an almost endless supply of part-time summer jobs, and proximity to several other big cities (Tampa Bay, Miami, St. Augustine) that have booming economies and a lot of options for new graduates. Here’s a closer look at the college landscape of Orlando, FL.

Universities in Orlando, FL – 4-Year Colleges and Online

One of the most robust healthcare universities in Florida is located in Orlando: Advent Health University, which offers 2-year, 4-year, master, and doctorate degrees to residents of Orlando. For a more traditional college experience, the University of Central Florida offers students a full gamut of Division 1 sports and large conferences and festivals in addition to a full plate of bachelor’s degree options. 

Valencia College, the University of Phoenix-Florida, and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico at Orlando also offer 4-year degrees to residents of Orlando.  

Community Colleges in Orlando, FL

There are a few options for 2-year degrees and certifications in Orlando. Southern Technical College and Orange Technical College-Orlando both offer degrees in tech fields, and the Florida Career College and Concorde Career Institute both offer associate degrees across several different fields of study. 

Get to Know Orlando, FL

Entrance sign to the University of Central Florida

Most people think of beaches when Florida becomes part of the conversation, but Orlando is one of the few big cities in Florida that isn’t on the coast. With all of the theme parks, however, it’s still quite easy to find a place to cool off in some water. The negative side of all of the wonders of Disney is the constant flow of tourists, which can be a distraction for students who don’t make a conscious effort of finding a good place to reset. A great option is simply hiking around the woodlands outside of the city and enjoying the year-round good weather that Orlando has to offer.

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