Overland Park, KS

Aerial of the Executive Hills Area in Overland Park, KS;  part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Overland Park is considered a suburb of Kansas City, but with nearly 200,000 people it is the second-largest municipality in the state as well. Overland Park is a bit cheaper than Kansas City, but as it’s only 15 miles away, the climate and list of things to do are pretty much shared, especially if you have a car when you head to college in Overland Park. 

Most of the economy is in the service sector, with healthcare and retail trade as the primary drivers. There is also a budding technology economy in OP, which means a lot of new jobs for those who study something in the tech field. 

Universities in Overland Park, KS- 4-Year Colleges and Online

3 universities within the confines of Overland Park offer 4-year degrees, and they are Cleveland University’s Kansas City campus, the Kansas Christian College, and Ottawa University – Kansas City. 

As you can tell by the names of some of those, Overland Park is often just considered part of Kansas City even though the addresses on the mail might say otherwise. 

Community Colleges in Overland Park, KS

The primary option for students looking for a community college in Overland Park is the Johnson County Community College, which serves 20,000 students. 

Get to Know Overland Park, KS

Kansas City is a big, big city, and Overland Park is very much a little brother. The economies accent each other, and many people live in one area and work or attend school in the other. If you do decide to go to college in Overland Park, most of your options for entertainment and a night out will be up the road in KC. 

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