Philadelphia, PA

Temple University building Philadelphia with red flag and historic buildings

The fifth-largest city in the country by population, “Philly” is a big place with a ton of options for higher education. It was the first capital city of the United States, and as that probably suggests, there is a rich, rich history, including some of the oldest colleges and universities in the U.S. 

With a gritty image and a heavy reliance on industry, Philadelphia stands by its motto of “The City of Brotherly Love” and definitely has a work hard, play hard feel. To say the people are welcoming would certainly be a stretch, but behind a blunt exterior that may call you goofy for having an accent, anyone and everyone are willing to help you figure out where you’re going. 

Universities in Philadelphia, PA- 4-Year Colleges and Online

The Philadelphia Metro Area has a whopping 5.8 million people, and though this article focuses on those colleges within the city limits, quality public transportation allows students to live where they want if they don’t have to love the neighborhood where their university is. 

Here is a look at all of the 4-year colleges that offer a traditional selection of bachelor’s degrees:

  • Chestnut Hill College
  • Drexel University
  • La Salle University
  • Peirce College
  • Saint Joseph’s University
  • Temple University
  • Hussian College
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • University of Pennsylvania 

And some several colleges and universities have a more focused curriculum, including these:

  • The University of the Arts
  • The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College
  • Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
  • Moore College of Art and Design
  • Curtis Institute of Music

Community Colleges in Philadelphia, PA

Akin to the focused universities above, many vocational schools in Philadelphia offer associate degrees or certification programs, in addition to the traditional community college pipeline offered to students at the Community College of Philadelphia’s several campuses throughout the county. Here are the additional places you can get a 2-year degree in Philadelphia:

  • Aviation Institute of Maintenence 
  • Health and Technology Training Institute 
  • JNA Institute of Culinary Arts
  • Orleans Technical College
  • Philadelphia Technician Training
  • Prism Career Institute
  • The Workforce Institute’s City College

Get to Know Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in autumn overlooking Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Philadelphia is a gritty, proud city with a little bit of something for everyone. They have all of the major sports teams, and Philadelphians love them. There is also an endless supply of historical sites, although Philadelphia is not even the capital of Pennsylvania, let alone the U.S., as it once was. 

Philadelphians love their cheesesteaks, but there is also a heavy dose of classic Italian food throughout the city and a well-supported arts scene. In the summer months, it gets very humid, but Philly folk like to head to “the shore,” or what most of America considers the beach, which is only about 90 minutes if you get out of the city at the right time. 

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