Portland, OR

Sunrise at Portland, Oregon

With the motto “Keep Portland Weird” it’s safe to say that Portland is a very accepting community. It’s also a very large community, with 650,000 people, making it the biggest city in Oregon. Most of the locals enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors, and Oregon has the most protected coastline (no buildings) in all of the United States. However, Portland is home to several professional sports teams and has a booming live music scene. 

The weather is fairly mild year-round, though it does usually get a few inches of snow each year. Here is a look at all of the colleges and universities in Portland, Oregon. 

Universities in Portland, OR – 4-Year Colleges and Online

"Reed is a liberal arts college located in Portland, Oregon with a reputation for delivering a strong academic experience and for attracting a highly intellectual student body.  It unusual to see this view as a snow scene since Portland has a very mild climate."

Portland State University and the University of Portland are the largest colleges in the city, but several other colleges and universities offer 4-year degrees:

  • American College of Healthcare Sciences
  • Birthingway College of Midwifery
  • Concordia University
  • Lewis & Clark College
  • Linfield College – School of Nursing
  • Multnomah University
  • National University of Natural Medicine
  • Oregon Health & Science University
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Reed College
  • University of Western States
  • Warner Pacific University

Community Colleges in Portland, OR

For the traditional community college pipeline in Portland, there is Portland Community College which serves more than 90,000 students, though the majority are online and/or part-time. Here is a list of other colleges in Portland where you can pursue an associate’s degree:

  • Concorde Career College
  • Sumner College
  • Carrington College

Get to Know Portland, OR

Even though Portland is the biggest city in Oregon, it is still a very green place and has a small-town feel, especially near the larger campuses. There are several different neighborhoods with different vibes, but a solid public transportation system allows students who move off campus to live in their favorite part of the city. 

There is an endless amount of exploring that can be done if you’re an outdoors type, and winter sports are very popular in the colder months, with Mount Hood being a ski resort that people come from all over the world to enjoy.

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