California Colleges

Along with ample amounts of sun and coastline, California boasts the most colleges and universities of any state in the country with over 700 schools to choose from. While highly competitive Stanford University is found here, the state has a college or university to match every type of student. You’ll find no shortage of state schools: Cal State University has 23 campuses spanning from Humboldt State University down to San Diego State University with the popular California State University, Fullerton and California State University, Long Beach in between. Other top private schools include California Institute of Technology, Claremont McKenna College, Pomona College, and Mount St Mary's College. Additionally, the University of California has nine campuses including University of California, Berkeley and University of California, Los Angeles. Other well-known California colleges including University of Southern California and UCLA round out the field. To narrow your search of prospective colleges in California, try zeroing in on one of the many metropolitan areas. Take your pick from the excitement of Los Angeles, the political atmosphere of Sacramento, the scenic city life of San Francisco or the laid back San Diego vibe.

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California College and Degree Offerings

With hundreds of post-secondary education options, California colleges offer degrees and programs to meet every student’s needs. Students seeking a bachelors degree or masters degree can choose between a list of impressive private schools and more than 30 public state schools that fall under the umbrella of University of California and California State Universities. For a Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies degree, Mills College and Harvey Mudd College are notable choices. Many colleges in California also provide career-centric educations at community colleges and career colleges with both certificate program options and 2-year career training degrees widely available. Consider Santa Ana College, Los Angeles Trade Technical College or Riverside Community College.

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California Career Opportunities

From the glamour and excitement of the film industry in Hollywood to the technical playground that is Silicon Valley, California is filled with career opportunities to pursue after college. If you want to work in movies explore Film/Video & Cinematography programs at California colleges. To make actors look beautiful on and off the screen, consider a Cosmetology/Cosmetologist school. Creative careers don’t stop at the silver screen though, students interested in Graphic Design and Photography will find plenty of career opportunities, too. Consider Academy of Art University, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia and San Francisco Art Institute to develop artistic skills. Careers in healthcare are thriving across the country and California is no exception. Students will discover plenty of Nursing, Pharmacy Technician/Assistant and Medical/Clinical Assistant college and university programs. Students interested in a career in law enforcement will find ample job opportunities after attending a Corrections or Forensics program. Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies and Management majors also thrive in California. UCLA, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles and USC all feature business schools that prepare graduates for top jobs. No matter what your career goals, you can pursue them at colleges in California.