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Massachusetts is a state filled with history from the Boston tea party to its historically proven strong commitment to education. Over 200 colleges and universities make up the state’s post secondary education options. Nearly 50 are centered in the Boston area alone and many Massachusetts colleges and universities are located in greater Worcester area as well. Many of the top colleges in Massachusetts have a strong history behind them as well. The United State’s oldest college and one of the countries most prestigious universities to boot, Harvard University founded in 1636 is located here. Also notable are the countries first racially integrated school, Nantucket and notoriously selective Massachusetts Institute of Technology. US News & World Report’s list of America’s Best Colleges includes an impressive list of seven Massachusetts colleges among their top schools: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, Brandeis University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University and Northeastern University. Massachusetts also leads the nation in the highest number of women’s-only schools in the country. Smith College, Wellesley College and Mount Holyoke College are three of the eight and all part of the “Seven Sister” a group of prestigious liberal arts schools in the Northeast.

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Massachusetts College and Degree Offerings

Colleges in Massachusetts do not disappoint when it comes to offering reputable and prestigious degree programs. Bachelors degree and masters degree seekers will find many options at public and private universities both in Boston and throughout the state. If you’re looking for a Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies education, consider one of the Massachusetts-based Seven Sisters or one of the four liberal arts schools in the group of “Five Colleges” of Western Massachusetts including Amherst College and Hampshire College. For Technology degrees, Massachusetts Institute of Technology impresses, but many career colleges offer 2-year career training degrees and certificate program options as well. Community colleges in Massachusetts offer another option for 2-year degrees or as a way to jump start a bachelors degree.

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Massachusetts Career Opportunities

From Boston to the Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts offers ample career opportunities to students wishing to stay in state after college. Finance, education, health care and tourism are all key players in the state’s economy. Colleges in Massachusetts can prepare you for any of these careers. Look to career colleges specializing in Health & Medical Services with degree programs such as Medical Assistant Professions, Healthcare Administration and Surgical Technologist. A General Business degree or one focused on Finance will prepare you to work at many of Boston’s top corporations and financial institutions. Early Childhood Education and Education and Teaching are top options for students interested in working in the school system. More creative careers such as Graphic Design, Photography, Cosmetology/Cosmetologist and Recording Arts Technology are also in demand in Massachusetts, especially in the metropolitan area of Boston.