Oregon Colleges

More than 100 colleges, universities, community colleges and technical schools are found in Oregon. The Pacific Northwest state, known for having a scenic landscape and a healthy, outdoor-oriented population, offers a range of activities for students to take advantage of in their free time. Both Oregon State University, Corvallis and University of Oregon in Eugene are ranked among the colleges in the West, but the latter also made US News & World Report’s list of best colleges. Portland, the largest city in the state, is home to most of the colleges in Oregon. In the metropolitan area you’ll find a long list of community colleges as well as Portland State University, the state’s largest University, the University of Portland a liberal arts school affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross, Oregon Health & Science University, which offers the state’s only doctoral degrees in nursing, medicine and dentistry.

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Oregon College and Degree Offerings

The selection of universities and Oregon colleges offers top-notch bachelors degree and masters degree programs. For a Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies degree, the University of Oregon offers a premiere program in a public university setting with smaller, private schools like Reed College, George Fox University and Willamette University providing additional options. For science, engineering and agricultural research programs, none in the state are better than Oregon State University. The Oregon Health and Science University comprises a medical, dental, and nursing school in Portland and a science and engineering school in Hillsboro. For students seeking a 2-year career training program or certificate program to help them meet their career goals faster, many career colleges and community colleges in Oregon can meet their needs.

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Oregon Career Opportunities

Students who want to stay in state after attending one of the colleges in Oregon will find a range of job opportunities from the mountainous areas in western Oregon to the valleys where cities such as state capital Salem lie to the so-called Silicon Forest. Timber production, logging, wine production and hazelnut growing are all top industries of the state, but the list of viable careers continues on. Like many areas of the country, Health & Medical Services careers are some of the fastest growing in the state of Oregon. Graduates of Oregon colleges will enjoy successful careers in Pharmacy Technician/Assistant, Medical Insurance/Biller, Nursing, Psychology, Medical Assistant Professions and Mental & Social Health Services. George Fox University of Business offers top degree programs to students who wish to pursue careers in General Business, Finance or Accounting & Related Services – all viable options for finding work in state. Art-focused careers in Advertising, Graphic Design and Photography are also in demand for creative types. And the beauty and spa industry has ample openings for skill workers in Massage Therapy, Cosmetology/Cosmotologist and Hair Styling & Hair Design.