List of Online College Programs in Alabama

POPULATION (2021): 5.04 Million
CAPITAL: Montgomery

Named after the Alabama River, the state of Alabama was first settled by the French and attained statehood in 1819. Today, it is the 24th most populous state in the United States and has a storied history. The Alabama city of Montgomery is home to the Civil Rights Memorial in honor of those killed in the fight for racial equality. The Selma to Montgomery march that took place in 1965, with the participation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., secured the right to vote for all African Americans.

4-year Universities and Community Colleges in Alabama

Alabama is a popular destination for college students attending four-year, online, and community colleges. The state has over 40 public colleges, 23 private not-for-profit colleges, and 28 private for-profit colleges. The average acceptance rate for students applying to a college in Alabama was 75.89% in the 2021-2022 school year. In the same year, a total 297,614 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs attended Alabama colleges and universities. Over 3,000 programs are offered online and on-site by Alabama higher education institutions.

Public Universities in Alabama 

The major public university system in Alabama in the University of Alabama system that has 3 campuses throughout the state (Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Huntsville).

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama system was founded in 1831 and has more than 45,000 students across its three campuses. Auburn University is both a sports rival of the University of Alabama, as well as an enrollment rival as far as public universities go, with more than 30,000 students at the college named after the city it’s in. 

Alabama State University

Alabama State University, a Historically Black College/University (HBCU)  is the third-largest public school in Alabama and offers 2 and 4-year degrees at its campus in the capital city of Montgomery. 

Private Universities in Alabama

The private university landscape in Alabama isn’t as prominent as in some other southern states, but given its relatively small population, there are still plenty of options for private universities in Alabama. 

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University is the largest private college in Alabama by enrollment, with ~ 18,000 students at its Orange Beach campus along the Gulf Coast. Other prominent private colleges in Alabama are 

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in Alabama

Alabama also has several private HBCUs in addition to the public Alabama State, including Tuskegee University, Talladega College, Selma University, Stillman College, and Miles College. 

Community Colleges in Alabama

There are 24 community colleges across the state as part of the Alabama Community college system, or ACCS. There isn’t a place in Alabama where you’re not an hour or so from one of these schools, and the state has a very noticeable commitment to making learning accessible for all of its residents. Some of these community colleges in Alabama offer four-year degrees, as well, but all of them provide a pipeline to attending one of the universities or colleges in Alabama, if that is your desired path. 

Prominent Online Colleges in Alabama

According to a report by U.S. News, Alabama college students choose online courses more frequently than the national average, and the online colleges in Alabama that serve the most students are Alabama State, Auburn, Talladega, and the University of Alabama system.

Here is a look at the city-by-city collegiate landscape in Alabama.

Universities in Montgomery

Montgomery, Alabama is the capital city and also the second-largest, trailing on Huntsville. As is the case with most capital cities, the town has a very college-city feel even away from the major campuses that call Montgomery home. Here are the other schools in Montgomery:

  • Alabama State University
  • Amridge University
  • Auburn University – Montgomery Campus
  • Faulkner University
  • Huntingdon College
  • Trenhold State Tech
  • South University

Universities in Birmingham

Birmingham centers around the University of Alabama’s main campus, and the city is very supportive of the school’s sports teams… With that in mind, you might want to keep quiet if you wind up attending school in Birmingham but cheer for another Alabama school like Auburn. Here are the other colleg options in Birmingham:

  • Birmingham-Southern College
  • Samford University
  • Birmingham School of Law
  • Herzing University – Birmingham

Get to Know Alabama 

Alabama has a vast economy, with production and aviation at the top of the list of money-makers in this southern state. Tourism in increasing, especially near the beach, with major music festivals and other gatherings of like-minded individuals becoming more popular in the summertime. Alabama also has a pretty enjoyable climate during the other seasons, with the average high only dipping below 60 degrees one month, January. 

One of the country’s most recognizable names in education, Helen Keller, was from Alabama and became the first deaf and blind person to graduate from college in the U.S. (albeit, not in Alabama). Another nice mark on a progressive state history that includes Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. 

Sports are very popular in this state, with The Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama leading the charge. If you want the ultimate party college experience, you definitely need to go to an Alabama/Auburn football game at least once! 

For those searching for a more relaxed atmosphere, the beaches in the southern part of the state are very serene, and exploration in the forests is nearly endless.

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