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POPULATION (2021): 1.9 million




Idaho is a sprawling state in the Pacific Northwest that stretches from the border of Nevada up to a small portion of the Canadian border on what’s known as the Idaho Panhandle. Although it is in the top 15 in total size for states, it is in the bottom 15 for population, which means colleges and universities aren’t exactly plentiful. 

The state does, however, have a couple of bigger cities that are home to places of higher education. Here is a closer look at those colleges and universities in Idaho.

Universities in Idaho – 4-Year Colleges and Online

There is only one prominent private university in Idaho, but a nice patchwork of public institutions gives college students in Idaho a few options to shop as they decide where to pursue their 4-year degree. 

Public Universities in Idaho

Boise State University is the largest college in Idaho, and its main campus is host to more than 24,000 undergraduate students. Boise offers the full college experience, as the campus is huge and has all of the D-1 sports you can ask for, there is a lot of entertainment on the campus, but still plenty of places for studying and other forms of respite.

The University of Idaho, located in Moscow, is a public university with 4-year degrees located in Moscow, and its rival Idaho State University has roughly the same-size student body (~10,000), located in the city of Pocatello. Lewis-Clark State College is an outlier public university, while the rest in the state are named based on their location:

  • College of Southern Idaho (Twin Falls)
  • College of Western Idaho (Nampa)
  • College of Eastern Idaho (Idaho Falls)
  • North Idaho College (Coeur d’Alene)

Private Universities in Idaho

Brigham Young University is the state’s flagship private university, with nearly 43,000 students at its Rexburg campus, but there are a few other options for 4-year universities in Idaho in the private sector. 

The Boise Bible College and Northwest Nazarene University are two of the state’s other prominent religious institutions, and McCall College and the College of Idaho also offer 4-year degree programs. 

Community Colleges in Idaho

Though most offer 4-year degrees, the “directional” state colleges listed above are also considered the community college options for students in Idaho, with many certificate programs and general studies to prepare those who want to transfer to a university such as Boise State. 

Prominent Online Colleges in Idaho

In addition to Brigham Young’s 40,000 students on campus, they also have the largest online student presence in the state, and the reviews for online college at BYU are more positive than those related to the state schools, though the Idaho state-subsidized colleges, indeed, have hybrid and fully online programs. 

Get to Know Idaho

Idaho’s countless landscapes, hiking trails, and other natural wonders make it an outdoors person’s dreamland for college. The weather is warm year-round in the southern parts and desert areas of the state, and in the north, students and other residents enjoy all 4 seasons, with snowsports serving as the main outdoor entertainment in the winter. 

Yellowstone National Park is a destination for people from all over the globe, and a good portion of it is located in Idaho. Less-known but equally beautiful parks in the state include Craters of the Moon National Preserve, City of Rocks, Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, and Nez Perce National Historic Park. 

In the warm months, many students like to enjoy the hot sun and the desert exploration that often leads to some swimming holes! 

For the indoor types, we certainly recommend attending one of the colleges in Boise, as the rest of the state can leave a lot to be desired for people who don’t like the outdoors. 

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