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Kentucky might not have a beach, but it does have the most mile of waterways in the lower 48, with only Alaska giving residents more opportunities to fish, swim, and boat. The cities in Kentucky are known for having fun nightlife, and it’s no secret that they like washing down their live music with some local whiskey (if they’re 21, of course).

Louisville and Lexington are the two biggest, and both have areas that offer students a quiet college feel, while still being close to a lot of fun. Outside of the cities, camping and weekend getaways to rural resorts are commonplace for people who decide to go to Kentucky for their education.  

Music and food are big parts of this southern state, and both are almost always presented with kindness and some southern charm. 

Universities in Kentucky – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The University of Kentucky and The University of Louisville are relatively well-known, and rival each other in many different ways, including claiming to be the best state university in Kentucky, but there are several other colleges and universities throughout Kentucky for students to choose from. Here’s a look at universities and colleges in Kentucky.

Public Universities in Kentucky

If you’re from the great state of Kentucky, you pretty much have to claim allegiance to the University of Kentucky or the University of Louisville at a young age, at least when it comes to cheering for sports teams and academic contests. They are, indeed, the two largest colleges in the state, and both offer similar college experiences with entertainment, large student bodies, and decent weather year-round. 

There are six other state-funded universities in Kentucky:

  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Kentucky State University
  • Morehead State University
  • Murray State University
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • Western Kentucky University

Private Universities in Kentucky

There are a few more options for students who qualify to attend a private university in Kentucky. There are many religiously affiliated colleges in Kentucky, such as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kentucky Christian University, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, and Kentucky Mountain Bible College. 

Several private universities are considered liberal arts colleges, all of which offer 4-year degrees:

  • Alice Lloyd College
  • Asbury University
  • Bellarmine University
  • Berea College
  • Campbellsville University
  • Centre College
  • Georgetown College
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College
  • Lindsey Wilson College
  • Midway University
  • Spalding University
  • Thomas More University
  • Transylvania University
  • Union College
  • University of the Cumberlands
  • University of Pikeville

Community Colleges in Kentucky

Kentucky has a very popular and high-quality community college system known as the Kentucky Community & Technical College System that offers students many different certifications and 2-year associate degree programs with a lot of hands-on experience to be had. These affordable alternatives to one of the 4-year universities can be found all across the state:

  • Ashland Community and Technical College
  • Big Sandy Community and Technical College
  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College
  • Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
  • Gateway Community and Technical College
  • Hazard Community and Technical College
  • Henderson Community and Technical College
  • Hopkinsville Community and Technical College
  • Jefferson Community and Technical College
  • Madisonville Community and Technical College
  • Maysville Community and Technical College
  • Owensboro Community and Technical College
  • Somerset Community and Technical College
  • Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College
  • Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College

Prominent Online Colleges in Kentucky

Online classes are becoming more and more popular for students in Kentucky, and most of the public schools have adapted some kind of hybrid learning system, if not a full-scale online education, as Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky and Louisville each offer several programs, as does the community colleges system mentioned above. 

Universities in Lexington, KY

The city of Lexington is home to the largest college in the state, The University of Kentucky, which offers certificates, 4-year degrees, master’s, and doctorate degrees, but it’s not the only college in town, as Transylvania University and American National University also have 4-year degrees in Lexington. 

Universities in Louisville, KY

As you could have guessed, the primary college in Louisville is, indeed, the University of Louisville, which is the second-largest public university in the state. Other colleges and universities in Louisville with 4-year programs are Bellarmine University,  Galen College of Nursing, Simmons College of Kentucky, Spalding University, and Sullivan University.  

Get to Know Kentucky

Kentucky is a very green state with miles upon miles of lakes and rivers to enjoy during the warm months. When it cools down in the winter, many residents like to enjoy the live music scenes in the big cities, with a lot of country music and hip-hop coming out of Kentucky in recent years. In addition to the natural beauty, Kentucky is also revered for its southern-inspired architecture and is said to have the most beautiful state capitol building in the country in the capital of Frankfort. 

Farming is still a primary industry, and many college programs related to agriculture are considered top-notch in Kentucky… just like the barbecue!

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