List of Online College Programs in Wyoming

POPULATION (2021): 580,000

CAPITAL: Cheyenne



Though it’s quite large in land area, Wyoming is the least populated state in the whole country (it even has fewer people than the District of Columbia!). With that, it’s probably no surprise that there aren’t many options for potential college students in Wyoming. 

However, those students who attend college in Wyoming can be assured there will be no shortage of outdoor adventure. The state is so large that weather patterns do change from region to region, but most residents experience all 4 seasons, with cold, snowy winters (great for snowsports) and hot, humid summers (great for watersports). The spring and fall are the most comfortable, and students love to explore the endless wilderness and get lost with their friends. 

A low cost of living is also a perk of Wyoming, both during college and when looking for a place to set roots after your education. Natural resources and agriculture are two of the biggest industries in the state, so if you enjoy working outdoors, there may be some very appealing opportunities in The Cowboy State. 

Universities in Wyoming- 4-Year Colleges and Online 

A small population = a small number of colleges, but it certainly doesn’t mean a lack of quality education. Here’s a closer look at the colleges and universities in Wyoming. 

Public Universities in Wyoming

The only public university in Wyoming that offers a full serving of 4-year degrees is, indeed, the University of Wyoming. The Laramie campus’ enrollment is ~13,000 students, and most of their athletic and academic teams do, indeed, compete in the top levels of their respective competitions (NCAA D-1, for instance). 

Private Universities in Wyoming

Not unlike public university offerings, private universities are in short supply in Wyoming. Wyoming Catholic College in Lander enrolls about 360 students, and the Wyoming Technical Institute (WyoTech), also in Laramie, has nearly 2,000. 

Community Colleges in Wyoming

There are several community colleges spread across the large state, allowing for students to stay closer to home for a couple of years before deciding if they want to head to one of the few in-state universities mentioned above, or head somewhere else to finish their studies. 

Here are the locations of the community colleges in Wyoming:

  • Laramie County Community College
  • Casper College
  • Western Wyoming Community College
  • Sheridan College
  • Gillette College
  • Central Wyoming College
  • Northwest College
  • Eastern College

Prominent Online Colleges in Wyoming

Online college is fairly popular in Wyoming, and students from any of the several secluded parts of the state can greatly benefit from the availability of online college courses from Wyoming universities (meaning in-state tuition options). The University of Wyoming’s Distance Education services are on par with other large universities and offer students from throughout the large state some flexibility with their studies. 

Get to Know Wyoming

The Cowboy State got its name for a reason (and the University of Wyoming adopted it as their nickname, too), as there is very much a Wild West feel still in the air in the majority of the state. Farms and natural landscapes make up the vast majority of the flat areas of the state, and the mountainous regions are also mostly untouched. Several of them are also protected as national parks and part of the great Yosemite National Park stretches into Wyoming, where visitors from across the world marvel at unique landscapes and all kinds of wildlife from bison and bears to migratory birds and fishes unique to the area. 

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