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People often consider online programs when they pursue a two or four-year college degree. This form of post-secondary education has become increasingly popular because it provides the flexibility and convenience that many students need. These programs are not limited to undergraduate degrees, however.  Online degree programs are also a good choice for those pursuing a graduate degree, which prepares them to compete in the highest levels of their profession.

An online MS in information technology degree prepares students for a career in computing systems that access, collect and organize data. The career paths for this advanced degree are many and include computer architects, IT administrators, software developers, computer programmers, computer support specialists, and system analysts. The field is rapidly expanding with most industries requiring experts in this field.

Candidates for an MS in information technology degree can begin and complete their studies online. Many excellent educational organizations offer online graduate programs without a GRE requirement that are thorough and flexible. Graduates of these programs have a bright career future. 


How Much Does an Online MS Degree in Information Technology Cost?

Master’s level information technology programs with no GRE requirement can cost as little as $4,000 at the least expensive online schools. Though this is the lowest pricing out there, several more programs offer this degree for under $10,000. Programs at more prestigious schools cost far more, with maximum costs for online programs going as high as $54,000 at some universities. In general, the cost of an online MS degree is far below the cost of an in-person program.

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Average Salary for an Online MS in Information Technology Degree

The median salary for an IT professional with an MS degree is $88,000 according to Payscale. Of course, this figure varies according to geographical location, individual employers, and specific IT roles. An MS degree makes it easier to land a job in management, which leads to a higher wage and more career opportunities. Graduate degree holders in this field often make well over $100,000 per year. 

What is the Job Outlook for an Online MS in Information Technology Degree Holders?

The job outlook for this degree is excellent with experts expecting years of rapid growth. The field is expected to grow by 11% from 2019 – 2029, a rate that is much higher than that for most other professions. Over 500,000 jobs in information technology should be added to the economy during that time span, although job growth may surpass even that high number. 

Those with an MS in information technology will be able to perform jobs such as IT support in numerous industries, including education, healthcare, and manufacturing. This degree will also allow holders to excel in software development, computer programming, and system analysis. A highly lucrative choice for an MS IT professional is as a computer and research information professional. Those with an MS will also be in line for management positions and have greater flexibility in their job choices. 

Courses for an Online MS in Information Technology Degree

The following courses are some of the usual choices/requirements in an MS in information technology degree program:

  • Advanced IT
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Design
  • Security Systems
  • Cyberlaw
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Social Network Technology
  • Advanced Systems Administration
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Artificial and Machine Intelligence
  • Information Technology Research

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FAQs on an Online Master’s in Public Administration No GRE Required

The following are a few frequently asked questions regarding a master’s in information technology degree.

Summary Information

The following summarizes the information to know for an online master’s in cybersecurity no GRE required.

Program Options/Time

  • Online, on-site and accelerated programs are available.
  • Numerous specialization options are available.
  • Typical online and on-site programs take two years to complete. Accelerated programs take approximately one year.
  • Some candidates may test out of certain requirements, shortening the program length.


  • An MS in information technology allows you to pursue numerous careers in IT. 
  • Graduates from the program can expect to earn generous salaries, often ranging from $88,000 to $130,000 or more. 
  • Employment rates in this field are projected to remain high in the next decade.
  • IT experts are needed in all industries. 
  • Degrees can be completed entirely online.


Enrolling in graduate studies is as much of an investment as it is a need these days, especially for professionals aiming to advance their careers in the cybersecurity field. Even though the benefits of completing any graduate study, especially an online Master’s in Cybersecurity (No GRE), will always outweigh the expenses, it’s still best to know both the pros and cons before officially committing yourself to a full-time obligation.  

  • Program Costs are Highly Variable
  • Degrees in Cybersecurity Are Generally Expensive
  • Tuition Fee Costs vs. Potential Job Salary

Most graduate students are wary of how much an online Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity will cost. However, these costs can now be easily mitigated by readily available scholarship grants and financial aids that suit your financial and academic needs. 

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Earning an advanced degree in Cybersecurity may not be the easiest path at first. However, with the rapid growth of Cybersecurity and Data Science, there is no longer a question of whether a degree in Cybersecurity will be worth it in the end or not. Cybersecurity is a fast-changing field with a lot of unexplored potentials. Taking a degree in one, much more an advanced one, means you’ll be committing yourself to a continuous learning curve that can offer educational and rewarding experiences that can help you advance in your chosen profession. 

University NameProgram’s NameGRE Required?
University of MichiganMaster of Science in Information Systems and TechnologyNot Required
Tulane University of LouisianaMaster of Science in IT ManagementNot Required
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