10 Most Popular Colleges in Ohio

Ohio is known for football, but it has many diverse public and private colleges for a wide range of student interests.

If you’re a fan of college football, chances are you know quite a bit about Ohio. Thanks to Ohio State’s impressive athletic record, people throughout the U.S. recognize the state as one of the best in sports.

But Ohio has a lot more to offer than undefeated football seasons. With 13 state universities, 46 private colleges, and countless other institutions of higher learning, the Midwestern state is a hub for college students. Here are the 10 biggest colleges in Ohio – along with their typical costs of attendance.

Ohio has 13 state universities and 46 private colleges to satisfy a range of students with a passion for learning and athletics.

10. Wright State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 17,930

Cost: $8,354 for residents, $16,182 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Business rakes in over 30 percent of the student body. As the first accredited business school in the state, Wright’s program is highly ranked. Additionally, majors don’t choose a specialization until junior year, which gives students time to find an area they enjoy.

Fun Fact: Wright State is one of the top five friendliest universities for disabled students.

9. Bowling Green State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 20,222

Cost: $10,393 for residents, $17,701 for out-of-state residents

Best Program: Bowling Green State is known for its excellent education program. The department is varied, allowing majors to concentrate on a specific field. With options such as earth sciences education, marketing education, and technology education, students can become experts in any branch they choose.

Fun Fact: Different cultures are more than a field of study at Bowling Green State. Each year, the campus hosts more than 400 cultural events.

8. University of Toledo

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 23,000

Cost: $9,054 for residents, $18,174 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Recreational therapy is one of the best-known majors. Students in the program get a lot of hands-on experience over the course of four years. They work with courts, local and state government offices, and law offices to put their knowledge into practice.

Fun Fact: The honors program at the University of Toledo is the oldest in existence at a major university.

7. University of Akron

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 28,771

Cost: $9,552 for residents, $18,583 for out-of-state students

Best Program: The biomedical engineering major is one of the state’s best. Recently named an Ohio Center of Excellence, the program features three tracks: biomaterials and tissue engineering, biomechanics, and signals and imaging. Majors delve into both the biological sciences and the problem-solving world of engineering.

Fun Fact: The University of Akron helps freshmen transition to college through a number of Learning Communities, which are groups of students who take more than three classes together.

6. Columbus State Community College

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 30,520

Cost: $122 per credit hour for residents, $271 per credit hour for out-of-state students

Best Program: More than 50 percent of the Columbus State student body is enrolled in the career and technical program. Earning a two-year degree from Columbus State makes students eligible for a career immediately upon graduation.

Fun Fact: The college’s Community Education and Workforce Development program offers short-term classes designed to train current members of the workforce and keep them updated with the latest technology.

5. Cuyahoga Community College

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 30,853

Cost: $98 per credit hour for Cuyahoga County residents, $125 for Ohio residents, and $242 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Liberal arts is the biggest department at the college. More than 50 percent of students declare the major. The program encompasses everything from the creative, such as art, to the scientific, such as nuclear medicine.

Fun Fact: Cuyahoga Community College boasts one of the lowest tuition rates in Ohio.

4. Ohio University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 36,126

Cost: $10,216 for residents, $18,580 for out-of-state residents

Best Program: The health sciences program doesn’t just have its own school at Ohio University – it’s also the largest department. Originally grouped with science majors, health sciences became its own program in 2010. Today, students can major in athletic training, exercise physiology, or nutrition.

Fun Fact: The faculty at Ohio University earns about $8.6 million in extra revenue annually – all of which is generated by their groundbreaking inventions.

3. University of Cincinnati

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 41,970

Cost: $10,784 for residents, $25,815 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Health sciences ranks highly among students at Cincinnati. Combining a basic scientific education with physiology and human exercise studies, the major prepares students for entry into any medical field. The program also includes a real-world learning component that requires student research.

Fun Fact: The first oral vaccine for polio was developed at the University of Cincinnati by Albert Sabin.

2. Kent State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 42,185

Cost: $9,672 for residents, $17,632 for out-of-state students

Best Program: Business ranks first at Kent State, particularly with undergraduate students. The program offers both an undecided business major for students who aren’t sure which area of the field they like best, and a business management degree. Management students can even complete their degree in three years.

Fun Fact: From 1914 to 1982, Kent State housed another school on campus designed for kindergarten through twelfth grade students.

1. Ohio State University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 63,058

Cost: $9,615 for residents, $25,023 for out-of-state students

Best Program: The business program at OSU is both nationally and locally renowned. Thanks to an impressive faculty and the school’s connection to large corporations, business majors have access to state-of-the-art technology and facilities. They are also assisted with internships and job placement.

Fun Fact: Ohio State has the biggest self-supported athletics program in the nation.

Quick Facts

  • Ohio has some of the best public libraries in the country, all of which are connected via OhioLINK, an interlibrary and intercollegiate lending system.
  • Miami University and Ohio State University were both named “public ivy” schools in the early 1990s.
  • The Ohio Supercomputer Center connects a number of college campuses throughout the state and allows them to collaborate on research projects, no matter the distance between them.
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