Easiest College Classes

Let’s face it, you don’t want every class in college to be stay-up-all-night, need-a-tutor, have-to-take-it-for-my-major hard.

Sometimes called “gut” courses or “mick” classes, the easiest colleges classes can make college fun.

So when your schedule needs a break, where can you turn?

What Are the Easiest College Classes?

While there are no definitive classes that will consistently be easy, some courses are traditionally considered less demanding:

  • Introduction to Physical Education, which goes over basic health techniques such as how to lift weights properly and the ingestion and burning of calories, comes in at the top of our list.
  • Music Appreciation, sometimes called “Clapping for Credit”, is also right up there.
  • A basic math course, surprisingly, can actually be an easy way to earn credits. Basic math might simply comprise the development and appreciation of mathematical ideas rather than their application.
  • While astrophysics is demanding (physics + calculus = hard), an introductory astronomy course can be fun and relaxed, offering students a chance to peer through telescopes and learn about the constellations.
  • At art-focused schools, a film studies or art history course may not be a quick A, but at those institutions where the arts aren’t the concentration, it can be a great way to become a cinephile or art critic without having to work too hard.
  • Other easy college classes to consider are an intro sociology course, a general psychology class or a beginner’s foreign language course, all of which will cover the basics of the topic, but generally won’t get too in-depth.

What Makes a Course Easy Or Hard?

While the classes described earlier are generally considered to be easy college courses, there is no way to guarantee you will get an A. That’s because other factors go into determining success.

The professor will be the biggest factor in the difficulty of the course, so make sure you do your research and find out what other students have said about the instructor. You may find reviews that will tell you into whether a teacher is strict about attendance, if he collects homework daily and how tough he is.

Each course will also vary by the university, so while a course may be a breeze at one college, it could be considered difficult at another. Colleges generally aim to have a rigorous curriculum, so easy classes may be hard to find.

Many schools offer a “pass/fail” option for some classes. This can make almost any class into an easy class. If all you have to is pull of a C minus or better, you should be able to get by.

And finally, the student and her attitude will help determine whether a class is easy. Those who attend classes regularly and do the required work stand a better chance of doing well than those who don’t.

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