How Much Do Fraternities Cost?

Fraternity life isn’t free. Explore all the expenses that come with being part of a fraternity.

College students who have decided to pledge at a fraternity often ask, “How much do fraternities cost?” All fraternity costs vary by college, state, fraternity chapter, and how popular Greek life is at your school. Often, schools with popular Greek organizations and many fraternity members will have higher membership dues and associated costs.

When determining fraternity costs, keep in mind that while schools give averages, actual costs vary by chapter

You will have to weigh these economic factors against the benefits of joining a fraternity. Even the students who have decided that Greek life is right for them should check out the following information to find out exactly how much it costs to join a fraternity.

What are the costs of fraternity life?

How much do fraternities cost? First, there is a fee for accepting a bid and filing it with the interfraternity council at the school. This can be up to $100 but is generally a little less.

From there, membership dues, housing costs and meal plans form the bulk of all costs for fraternity life. All fraternity members are required to pay dues as set by their chapter. Payment can be monthly, quarterly, each semester or annually. You aren’t typically required to live in the fraternity house, so you may not have to pay housing costs, but these costs are often cheaper than living in on-campus dormitories.

Aside from these fees, there are also the incidental costs of joining a fraternity. Costs for social events and parties, clothing with your Greek letters, and occasional costs for the service and philanthropic work your fraternity does. Since all fraternities are tied in some way to a charity or other service-based organization, you’ll need to plan to set aside a little cash for philanthropic means.

How much do fraternities cost at specific schools?

So what’s it all add up to? When determining fraternity costs, keep in mind that while schools give averages, actual costs vary by chapter. Here’s a list of fraternity costs at various types of schools.

  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill estimates average costs for new fraternity members to be $1,631 per year and $2,970 for members living in the fraternity house.
  • The average cost of a fraternity at the The University of Alabama is $3,381 including housing and $2,304 for students who do not live at the fraternity house.
  • Membership dues at the University of Southern California are about $1,200 per year, not including housing.
  • Fraternities at Boston University have membership dues averaging $400 to $500 per semester for new members.
  • Kansas University lists average cost of membership including room and board as $5,300 per year.

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