Displaced Homemakers Scholarship

Apply Overview

Minimum Average Maximum
Award Amount - $1,500 -

Application Deadline June 15

Type of Award Scholarship


More Info Needed
Unfortunately, the Application Difficulty for the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship couldn't be determined based on the information provided.

The Displaced Homemakers Scholarship is extremely competitive compared to similar scholarships.

Scholarship Criteria

Applicant must be full-time student who would not otherwise be able to complete educational goals due to family responsibilities.

Requirements for the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship


Enrollment Levels

College freshman

College sophomore

College junior

College senior

Contact Information

Lisa Wyzlic, Director of Scholarship Programs
966 Hungerford Drive, Suite 12-B
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (240) 314-7155
Email: lw.aiaa@verizon.net

Scholarship Questions and Answers

Separate application required?

Award must be repaid?

Award is renewable?
No. Recipient must reapply for renewal.

Award is granted yearly?

How much is this scholarship worth?

The average award amount for the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship is $1500. The Displaced Homemakers Scholarship has a minimum award of $1500 and a maximum of $1500. For more awards of at least $1500, visit our Scholarship Search.