Hillsborough Community College Scholarships

The Hillsborough Community College location in Hillsborough County, Florida, is one of six HCC campuses throughout the country. HCC is ranked 20th in the nation for the number of degrees awarded, despite the fact that it was only established in 1968.

Hillsborough Community College believes in keeping students prepared for their future, which is why they have a breakdown of yearly expenses for their school. For students who will be commuting to HCC while living at home, a year at HCC (24 units) can cost around $10,000 including tuition, books and supplies. For students looking to live on their own, between rent, food, insurance and tuition, they are looking at spending approximately $20,000.

Popular Hillsborough Community College Scholarships

Hillsborough Community College believes that finances and tuition should never keep someone from higher education. They offer financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, work-study programs and their Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS).

TIPS is available for all students attending HCC, no matter which campus they choose. The payments plan allows students to break their tuition payments up into monthly installments.

HCC has several types of scholarships available to students including foundation scholarships, general scholarships, female and minority scholarships and graduation transfer scholarships. In addition to the multitude of scholarships that HCC provides, their institution also has over 50 private scholarships available to students, which can be found using our Advanced Scholarship Finder.

One of their popular scholarships, the FFGC Scholarship for High School Students, is available for any resident of Florida that is, or will be, attending a Florida school and can demonstrate financial need. With so many students meeting the criteria, you might be worried that you will never be chosen for the $1,500 award. However, as this scholarship requires a work transcript, personal letter, photo, letters of recommendation and an interview, putting in the extra work might give you an edge.

==Applying for Hillsborough Community College Scholarships==

Hillsborough Community College urges students to not only submit a FASFA, but also to meet with an HCC counselor in order to obtain application forms and to discuss which documents they will need to provide depending upon the scholarship(s) of their choice.

HCC scholarships require students to provide official transcripts for each college or university previously attended. For more information about scholarships available and how to apply, try our scholarship directory

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