Music Scholarships

Musicians are often thought of as performers only, scaring many away from the field. After all, there are only so many performance opportunities out there, and nobody wants to be the starving artist.

But the truth is that those who study music can pursue a number of different careers. Music majors might write commercial jingles or compose scores for movies or television. They might choose to teach music through individual lessons or in a school setting. Or, if you know how to write, a deep knowledge of music could lead to a career in music journalism.

Types of Music Scholarships

Most financial aid for music majors comes in the form of scholarships, what with the many arts endowments out there. However, there are also a handful of music and fine arts fellowships available, and music competitions are also an option.

Popular Scholarships for Music Majors

You may find institutional scholarships for music majors at your school through the music program. Examples of these include the Dean’s Music Scholarship at Cornell College, which awards up to $10,000 to students based on an audition and application, and the Music Merit Award at Ohio University, which awards anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 to eligible students.

Competitions, such as the Carmel Music Society Competition available to residents of Washington, Oregon or California, are also a good way for talented musicians to use their skills to possibly win some scholarship money.

Applying for Music Scholarships

Music scholarships will sometimes require an audition, but a surprising number of them require a minimum GPA of around 3.0 as well. Additional criteria might include enrollment in a specific area of study, such as vocal performance, or the study of a particular instrument.

Narrow Down Scholarships