Online Associate's in Fitness & Nutrition Degree Programs

You can achieve your fitness career goals by earning your associate’s degree in health and fitness.

What Is an Online Associate’s Degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition Degree Program?

This degree is typically a two-year commitment that can be completed at a community college, business school, four-year college or university, or online school.

Why Choose an Online Associate’s Degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition?

America’s ongoing struggle with obesity and heart disease is no secret. With an associate’s degree in health and fitness you will be able to directly impact the lives of those who need to make a change in their nutritional intake or exercise routine.

How Much Does an Associate’s Degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition Degree Cost?

The cost of an associate’s degree ranges depending on the program you choose, but students can expect to pay between $20,000 and $30,000 on average.

How Much Do Associate’s in Health, Fitness and Nutrition Majors Make?

Salaries for individuals who earn an associate degree in health, fitness, and nutrition vary widely depending on the career they pursue. Personal trainers and fitness instructors, for example, earned an average annual salary of $40,510 in 2020, which is about the same as the average for all occupations.

What Is the Job Outlook for Associate’s in Health, Fitness and Nutrition Degree Holders?

The health and fitness industry is growing rapidly. In fact, the job outlook for this field is 11% greater than the average field in America. Health and fitness professionals serve close to 40 million members in the US. People are spending more money on fitness and health programs and employers have been adding fitness club memberships to many employee benefit packages. This demand has caused an increase in the number of jobs available for graduates with associate’s degrees in health and fitness.

FAQs About Online Associate’s Degrees in Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Summary Information

  • The benefit of an online degree in health, fitness and nutrition is that you can learn without a commute and create your own schedule.
  • Accelerated health, fitness and nutrition programs can get you closer to your career goals in as few as two years.
  • Many associate’s degree programs allow you to choose a concentration to begin a specific path.
  • The field of health, fitness, and nutrition is growing, which means the job outlook is good.
  • Jobs in the health, fitness and nutrition field range in salary.
  • Professionals in health, fitness, and nutrition help other people and often find their work meaningful.
  • The tuition price for an online degree in health can range depending on the school you go to.
  • Accelerated programs are shorter and cheaper.
  • To earn a legal studies degree online, you’ll need to pay for a computer, equipment, and an Internet connection, in addition to tuition.
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