Online Associate's in Education Degree Programs

You can turn your passion for education and love for learning into a career by earning your associate’s degree in education.

Whether you want to teach early childhood, elementary, or work as a daycare provider, an associate’s degree in education is a good first step to starting your career.

What Is an Online Associate’s Degree in Education and Teaching Program?

An online degree in education allows you to pursue a career in teaching so you can help shape young lives and minds. An online degree lets you create your own schedule so that you can complete school as fast or as slow as you want.

Why Choose an Online Associate’s Degree in Education and Teaching?

Getting your associate’s degree in education first may give you a leg up in getting accepted to a more prestigious four-year university. Many four-year colleges see associate’s degree graduates as being more responsible than their undergraduate counterparts who haven’t completed any college. For this reason, they are eager to accept students with associate’s degrees.

How Much Does an Associate’s Degree in Education and Teaching Degree Cost?

Earning an associate’s degree before pursuing a bachelor’s is cost effective. Programs are offered at a community college and last two years so you are able to complete your core bachelor’s degree courses at a cheaper cost, and then transfer to a more expensive four-year public or private college.

How Much Do Associate’s in Education and Teaching Majors Make?

Most people who have an associate’s degree in education end up teaching at the early childhood level. Teachers who work in preschool environments make an average of $31,930 per year.

What Is the Job Outlook for Associate’s in Education and Teaching Degree Holders?

The job outlook for this field is slower than average, so it may be more difficult to find a job in this field than in others after graduation. One way to make your job hunt easier is to continue your education and get a higher degree.

FAQs about Online Associate’s Degrees in Education and Teaching

Summary Information

  • The benefit of an online degree in Education and teaching is that you can learn without a commute.
  • Accelerated programs get you started on your path to teaching more quickly.
  • Many associate’s degree programs can be completed in less than two years.
  • The field of education is always necessary and children will continue to need teachers.
  • Jobs in the Education and teaching field range in salary.
  • Professionals in health, fitness, and nutrition help young people grow and their work can be fulfilling.
  • The tuition price for an online degree in education ranges depending on the program and school.
  • Accelerated programs are cost-effective.
  • To earn an educational degree online, you’ll need to pay for a computer and internet in addition to tuition.
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