Online Associate's in Hospitality Management & Tourism Degree Programs

Online associate’s degrees in hospitality management and tourism prepare you to succeed in the hospitality industry. Learn more about opportunities and options in this exciting sector.

What is an Online Hospitality Management and Tourism Degree Program? 

An online Hospitality Management degree program is an online university course that enables students to get an associate’s degree in the specified field. It covers topics such as business, finance, and marketing, as well as other learning programs to broaden your knowledge in other key areas. 

You can expect courses in hospitality facilities operations and hotel administration and economics. Also, you will learn about revenue and cost control and human resources management. This online course is a great option for students who have a keen interest in this industry or already hold entry-level hospitality positions.

An online associate’s Hospitality Management and Tourism degree can lead to many rewarding career paths. Some of these include hotel, catering, and events management positions, while other graduates may choose to work in areas like marketing and business development. However, it is common for hospitality management majors’ to work in catering and food service positions, with some students choosing a career in this industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a food service manager’s average annual salary is just over $55,000, while the top 10 percent of workers earn more than $80,000 yearly. In the tourism industry, the average salary for lodging managers is also $55,000 a year. Whatever your career path, this course gives you the skills to succeed in a related field of your choice. 

Why Choose an Online Associate’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism?

If you are a great communicator; possess strong problem-solving skills, and have a passion for travel and customer service, then you are well-suited to this degree program. In addition, an online associate’s degree gives you greater flexibility around your learning, so you can study at your own pace while fitting it into your daily schedule. Online learning teaches excellent time management skills, which are an asset to any employer. Also, a course like this will give you the skills you need to climb the career ladder, increasing your earning potential along the way.

How Much Does a Hospitality Management and Tourism Degree Cost? 

The cost of online degree programs is typically lower than non-online degree options. The cost of your online hospitality degree will depend on the institution, the duration of the course, and whether you live in-state, out of state, or are an international student. For instance, Florida International University offers online Hospitality Management degree programs, and here is an example of their fees as of August 2021.

  • If you live in-state, the fees are $7185 a year, and this is for 30 credits.
  •  If you live out-of-state or are an international student, the fees are $10,697 a year, and again, this is for 30 credits.

These fees are reasonable, however, if these college costs are beyond your budget, some colleges offer online hospitality courses at a lower rate. For example, an online associates hospitality course at Albany Technic College costs $4,848, and this is the out-of-state price. Course costs vary, so it is well worth researching before deciding which online degree is best for you.

How Much Do Hospitality Majors Make?  

Hospitality majors’ earnings differ, however, this is mainly because of the employee’s level of experience and work sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics documents the average pay for workers using the median method. Here are some of those statistics for hospitality jobs and related careers. These figures are accurate as of August 2021.

Event Planners:  The average yearly earnings are $51,500, and this industry is expected to grow eight percent from 2019 to 2029.

Flight Attendant: The average annual salary is $59,000, but with experience can be as high as almost $84,800.

Chefs and Head Cooks: The average yearly salary is $53,400, and the expected growth rate from 2019 to 2029 for this industry is six percent.

Casino Manager: The average annual wage for this role is $75,500 but can climb to $139,700.

Housekeeping Director: The average yearly earnings for first-line supervisors of housekeeping and janitorial workers is $42,000. Although, the salary can increase to $69,000 in this industry.

What is the Job Outlook for Hospitality Major Degree Holders? 

The job outlook for Hospitality Majors is favorable because the food and accommodation sector is growing. In June 2019, 1.1 million people were hired in the hospitality and leisure industry.


You might be entitled to a scholarship to help fund your tuition fees, accommodation, travel, and to help with the cost of any books that you need for your course. If you are not sure where to start with finding a scholarship, here are some examples of the people who can help you find one.

  • School guidance counselors, teachers, PTA leaders, and athletic coaches
  • College (the one you are applying to) admissions office and financial aid office
  • Employer at your workplace may help with a scholarship
  • Organizations in your community, such as religious groups and local foundations

Once you find a scholarship opportunity, be sure to present yourself as an honest, mature, professional individual. If an organization awards you a scholarship, you will be their representative.

FAQs About Hospitality Management and Tourism Degrees


  • Online Learning
  • Can be studied over two to four years
  • The degree program can be completed online fully
  • It prepares you to pursue your desired career
  • Earning potential is good
  • The industry is experiencing a demand for services
  • The online tuition cost is typically lower than studying on campus
  • Online learning for this course varies from $4,000 to $15000 per year
  • A high number of scholarships are associated with this degree program
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