Have fun with your summer activity! If you aren’t enjoying it, now’s the time to test your options so you can find one you can commit to.

Build your college credentials by planning fun ways to get involved this summer.

Sure you have big plans to go to the pool with your friends and watch bad movies deep into the night, but between these important activities you’ll have plenty of time to take part in credential-building volunteer or work opportunities.

You’re a freshman still, so you don’t have to spend your entire summer at a minimum-wage job if you don’t want to. But keep in mind that college admissions boards want to see students who show a deep level of commitment. And your commitment begins your freshman year.

Jobs and Internships

A great way to explore fields you might be interested in is to get a job or internship in that field. It doesn’t have to span the entire summer, just has to be long enough to give you a good idea of what working in that specific job might be like.

Talk to your parents or ask your counselor where you might apply for part-time jobs that interest you.

Volunteer Positions

We talked about the benefits of a good volunteer position in the fall. But while you may not have had enough time to follow through during the school year, the summer gives you ample opportunities to build on what you learned.

Summer Enrichment Programs

Summer enrichment programs (or camps in some cases) are short, specialized programs that help students develop skills needed to get into college. Not only do they inspire confidence and motivation, but they can also give students excellent experiences to refer to when filling out college applications.

To find out more about summer enrichment programs, hop online or ask your counselor to help you find the program that fits your needs.

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