Promising Career Paths For Women

Promising Career Paths For Women

Education can help you find new opportunities.

In some fields, women have been especially hard hit by these tough economic times. Now more than ever, it can be a struggle to keep your job when companies are handing out pink slips right and left. If you’re thinking about getting some extra training or going back to college for an advanced degree to boost your employment options, there are some degrees that are more resilient to the recession than others. Recent reports show that certain fields seem to withstand layoffs better than others, so women are wise to look for training in careers in the following fields to protect themselves when times get tough.

Medical Field

Even when the economy is bad, people still get sick and doctors still need help taking care of patients. So this is a good time to get training to become a medical assistant or a nurse. There are Medical Assistant Professions programs at many career colleges, and a lot of courses are offered at online schools. In some cases, you can take classes to become a medical assistant at a junior college, too. Other Nursing degree programs can be found at many 4-year colleges and universities, and these are also sometimes offered as online courses. Because of the steady need for these skills, you have a good chance of finding a well-paying job across the country when you graduate.

Legal Careers

There are lots of educational opportunities for students interested in the legal profession: Courses are offered at junior colleges and career colleges to train people to become Legal Assistant/Paralegal, legal secretaries and court clerks. These careers offer stable pay and hours. There are employment opportunities at all levels of the court system, from the federal level down to the local level, as well as in private law offices. In many cases, you can find online courses at distance learning programs and be ready to work in two years or sooner.

Financial Careers

Right now, there is a real need for people who have skills in finance, from mortgage brokers and accountants to careers in debt management and bankruptcy law. This field spans a wide range of education and skills, so you can find any number of colleges, universities, career colleges and community colleges that offer degree programs in this area. You could take courses at a career college to get certified to be a mortgage broker or a debt collector for a mortgage company. You could get a bachelors degree in Accounting and then take the extra classes to get a CPA and work for an accounting firm. Or you could go to law school and get your JD with a specialty in bankruptcy law. The recent economic climate means that many people need financial help, and there are many ways to offer assistance and find a rewarding career for yourself. Depending on the skills you already have and the amount of time you want to spend getting additional training, you can get a degree or certificate that will help you toward a career in the financial field.

Educational Careers

No matter what happens to the stock market every day, we still need teachers to educate both children and adults. Now more than ever, it’s a great time to become a teacher or a teaching assistant. Depending on which state you live in, there are different requirements for becoming a teacher. In most cases, you need a bachelors degree and some education classes to get your teaching credentials. You can take these courses at a 4-year college or university. If you already have your bachelors degree, you may just need to take additional education courses to complete the credential requirements.

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