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There are many ways to prepare for the SAT, including prep books, tutors and online courses. The internet can be a valuable resource for students, and can be an excellent place to begin your test preparation.

Getting Started With Online SAT Prep

The most important website you will use for both preparation and registration for the SAT is College Board. The College Board is a non-profit company that administers the SATs and other standardized tests. This is where most of your exam planning and registration will take place, so spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site.

If you are not willing to purchase a prep book, these online practice tests may be your best option.

Under the SAT tab, College Board has information on SAT practice, registration and scores. The “Practice” section offers free sample questions and practice tests, and links to resources such as their SAT Online Course.

Online SAT Tutoring Options

If SAT tutors are not feasible, The Official SAT Online Course at CollegeBoard is a more affordable and flexible option. Other prominent test-prep websites like Kaplan and Princeton Review offer online courses as well.

Remember, simply answering sample questions will not adequately prepare you for the SAT. Cultivating the math and language skills required for the exam is essential, but the SAT is also an exercise in test-taking.

In order to develop essential time management and focus skills, you must practice sitting down and taking the exam for the designated amount of time. Princeton Review offers free practice tests with registration, as do sites such as I Need A Pencil and Number 2.

Challenges of Online SAT Study

If you are not willing to purchase a prep book, these online practice tests may be your best option, but keep in mind that your SAT exam will be in-person with other people around. During the real exam you will not be in the comfort of your room and you will not have your computer. Avoid looking things up during the online exam, or utilizing anything except a piece of scrap paper.

Preparation for the SAT requires dedication, so if you often need supervision and support to stay motivated, seeking outside help through a tutor may be required.

Taking online exams and practicing on the web is an affordable and viable option for someone very self-motivated. An online course is a good choice if you’re seeking more a bit structure in your online studies, but still don’t require a private tutor.

The most important part of SAT prep is undoubtedly how much time you give it, not necessarily the method you choose to study. If you choose the online route, be sure you are not only enhancing your understanding of the content, but also improving your exam-taking skills.

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