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For those schools that don’t quite make the travel cut, virtual tours are a good way to get a feel for the school’s layout without stepping foot on campus.

Contact prospective colleges to schedule interviews and visits for campus tours.

If you were building a pyramid out of your college knowledge, your base would be pretty well set up by now. You understand financial aid, and have compared schools on paper, but now it’s time to construct the middle of your college pyramid by scheduling college visits and forming real opinions on how you like each school’s environment.

To learn more about your prospective colleges you can:

Schedule College Visits.

Like everything else in the world, procrastination when setting up visits to your prospective colleges isn’t a great idea. Many schools have specific dates set aside for campus tours, and spots for these tours can fill up quickly.

But before you make any calls, it’s important to figure out exactly which colleges you want to visit. Whether near or far, multiple college visits can add up cash-wise. Since you’ll probably be limited to a few visits, think hard about which schools you don’t have a good feel for.

When you’re ready to confirm you plans, check online to see if you can sign up from the school website. The University of Oklahoma, for example, has an online calendar that helps you easily schedule your campus tour.

Request Specific Information From Specific Colleges.

As long as you can type, you can request information from your prospective colleges about admissions and financial aid. Hop online, fill out a request for information form, then sit back and wait for the info to come to you.

Schedule College Interviews.

Whether you want to meet someone from the admissions office or you’d like to talk to a professor about a certain major’s prowess at the college, interviews let you ask the questions YOU think are important. Call the school’s admissions/financial aid/residential life/academic office to set up your interviews for the fall.

If you plan on playing sports, set up a meeting or interview with a coach while you’re on campus. A face-to-face meeting will go a long way in securing your spot on the team.

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