Associate's Degrees in Design and Digital Arts

Associate's Degrees in Design and Digital Arts

Find out your arts and design degree options at the associate’s degree level.

In today’s technology-driven society, artists are expected to have a combination of artistic and technological skills.

Earning an associate’s degree in design and digital arts can prepare you for the technological challenges that a designer encounters on the job.

If you are returning to school or attending college for the first time, there are probably many advances in technology that you will need to learn about.

Learn more about associate’s degree program in design and digital arts now.

Associate’s Degree in Design Curriculum

Through the curriculum, students learn oral and verbal communication skills, technical skills, and hone in on their natural artistry through a series of hands-on projects. With technology involved, beginning graphic designers are bound to run into problems. Completing an associate’s degree in design allows you to learn problem-solving techniques under the supervision of a professor, rather than on-the-job.

Students graduate from a design program with a portfolio to show prospective employers. This portfolio is your ticket to a rewarding and exciting career in graphic arts, so a great amount of value should be placed on creating your portfolio.

Learning about the business of design is also an important component to the associate’s degree curriculum.

There are many majors that a student can pursue in the field of design and the arts:

Graphic Design
Visual Communications
Industrial Design
Web Design

Careers with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design

Most entry-level positions for designers require a bachelor’s degree. With an associate’s degree, you can become a graphic designer’s assistant responsible for helping piece the creative elements together.

Even with an associate’s degree, some employers may require applicants to have at least some on-the-job experience. Find a program that offers internships in order to help increase your chances of finding a job after graduation, as well as to practice your skills in a real-world setting.

Online Associate’s Degree in Design and Digital Arts

One of the many programs that easily transfers to an online setting, design programs are offered at many online schools, as well as through online courses at traditional colleges.

Online graphic design courses are structured similarly to classes on campus. However, online students learn their materials through multimedia presentations over the computer, rather than attending seminars and workshops on campus.

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