5 Lessons From “The Hunger Games” for Future College Students

Keep these five tactics in mind if you want to survive four years in the arena…er, at college, we mean.

By Sydney Nikols | February 17, 2017

Whether your weapon of choice is a bow or a scientific calculator, these tips will help you survive your first year of college.

College is undoubtedly awesome, but it still poses some unique challenges. Take cues from Katniss, Peeta and the other brave tributes in “The Hunger Games” by using these five tactics in order to survive.

Take cues from Katniss, Peeta and the other brave tributes by using these five tactics in order to survive.

1. Be stealthy.

Stealth, a common tactic used in Hunger Games, allows the tribute to move quickly without being killed. This is an essential skill to keep under your belt in college, too: If you’re speedy enough, you can totally write that 15-page paper before noon tomorrow, or get to class on time in spite of an unplugged alarm clock.

Being stealthy can also help the savvy student avoid being bombarded by people handing out flyers and postcards.
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2. Find a sponsor.

Tributes in Hunger Games seek out sponsors who give them food, medicine and other important survival items. You can find a sponsor at college by asking an older and wiser student for advice about which classes to take, which administrators to avoid and which dining halls have the best late-night pizza. These nuggets of insider information are far more essential than food and medicine; trust us.

3. Form an alliance.

Hunger Games tributes form alliances with other players from their district, and these allies watch each other’s backs in the arena. Your alliance is your college best friend, which we recommend you choose carefully – he or she will also watch your back in the arena by making sure you don’t sleep through Psych again or approach your crush with your fly down.

Don't worry, those upperclassmen in your O-chem lab aren't as mean as they look...

4. Practice salvaging.

Many Hunger Games tributes practice salvaging by taking other players’ possessions, especially once they’ve perished. If you’re hungry at 2:00 in the morning and your roommate’s bag of chips is taunting you, go ahead and take a few bites – after all, he or she wouldn’t want you to starve, right? Just make sure the chips aren’t a decoy tactic meant to harm you (in other words, make sure they’re not stale and soaked in beer).

5. Engage in melee combat.

Melee, a mode of combat requiring tributes to engage in close, personal contact with their opponents, may seem scarier than projectile combat, which involves attacking opponents from afar, but trust us: It’s always better to attack problems head on in college. If you’re not exactly excelling in a certain class, for instance, talk to your teacher directly about how you can improve. Honesty and directness are always the best policies (unless, of course, your roommate asks you who ate all the chips, in which case your lips are sealed).

Don't be scared to pop in for your professor's office hours. It may seem intimidating, but it's nothing compared to a swarm of killer bees or poisonous fog.

If only you could eliminate certain opponents in college, like that girl who asks too many questions in class or that pesky group project partner who doesn’t pull his own weight. Wishful thinking, we guess…

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