College Towns: Ithaca, New York

Learn more about Ithaca, New York – home of Cornell University.

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The Town: Ithaca, New York

Named after a Greek island, Ithaca is a town with a modest number of 30,000 residents located in upstate New York. Founded just south of a series of lakes, the frigid winters sculpt beautiful ice gorges and scenic snowscapes. Things heat up in the summer, however, and you may want to escape the heat with a dip in Cayuga Lake.

The town is famous for “Ithaca Underground,” a music scene that features non-mainstream bands and genres of music.

The School: Cornell University

As a member of the Ivy League, Cornell University is one of the most prestigious and academically renowned colleges in the United States. A gorgeous campus features a variety of different architectural styles, including Gothic, neoclassical, Victorian and modern/contemporary.

As you walk around campus, you’re likely to notice the red-brick Sage Chapel. Don’t let the Gothic design fool you. It’s actually a non-denominational chapel open to everyone, and it regularly hosts guest speakers and concerts from the school chorus and glee club.

What to Do

The town is famous for “Ithaca Underground,” a music scene that features non-mainstream bands and genres of music. The entire community gets involved, as shows are designed to be for all ages to be enjoyed by college students, parents and children alike.

Each spring, Cornell hosts two major events. For Dragon Day, held before spring break, students gather to burn a dragon constructed by students at the school of architecture. The last day of class is known as Slope Day, a celebration complete with a carnival, food and live music that has included the likes of Snoop Dog.

Where to Eat

Stella’s Restaurant and Bar has something for everyone. The modern décor makes it a great place for a meal, and the menu includes high-priced entrees, affordable sandwiches a full cocktail bar and local sodas in case you’re the designated driver.

Did You Know?

The Namagyal Monastery is the North American headquarters for Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.

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