4 Awesome Winter Break Activities

4 Awesome Winter Break Activities

Do something fun over winter break no matter what type of student you are: high school, college, grad or adult student.

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Exams are over and holiday decorations are everywhere in sight. That’s right — it’s finally time for winter break! Initially, your winter break priority might be to catch up on sleep, but after those dark circles under your eyes have disappeared, enjoy your time off with some winter-themed activities.

High School Student

In high school, most breaks are spent with friends at the mall or going to the movies. However, with the winter season in full swing, this is the perfect opportunity to host a holiday party at home.

Get a group your friends together and find some creative DIY ways to decorate for your party and organize a holiday gift exchange (so you’re not stuck buying party favors). Depending on how extravagant you want to get, you could probably spend most of your break planning for a grandiose New Year’s party.

College Student

The comforts of home never feel better than during the holidays — being around the family, festive food galore and splurging on holiday flavored coffees and treats.

Make the most out of your time at home with cooking and crafts. Try your hand at baking with Food Network’s 12 days of cookies or get crafty with some ideas from Martha Stewart. Enjoy what you make yourself, or turn them into gifts for your family or old high school friends.

Your family will love having you at home and you’ll appreciate the little things you don’t have at school like the oven, dishwasher and not having to pay for ingredients.

Grad Student

If you’re a grad student, money might be tight, meaning a staycation is in order. Because of the holidays, there are likely free winter concerts, performances or parades going on wherever you may be. Check a local magazine or news source for free events and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your calendar fills up.

If this is your first holiday staying in a college town, like Columbia, Missouri, it’s also the perfect opportunity to experience local traditions like The Magic Tree near the University of Missouri, Columbia. Also, smaller college towns often have great neighborhoods for Christmas-light viewing. Grab some friends, play some tunes, drink hot coco, and take a drive or walk around town. You’ll feel right at home!

Adult Student

Time off of school likely feels like a godsend after trying to manage finals with work and/or a family. If you have kids, your priority is probably to spend time with them during the break. Check discount websites like Living Social or Groupon for tickets to family-fun events like The Ice Kingdom at The Queen Mary in California or a Christmas Boat Parade in Florida.

Winter break also offers the perfect opportunity to give back to your community, whether you do it by yourself or with your family. Volunteer Match is a great resource to help you find local food banks and shelters that could use help during this season of giving.

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