What is the Unified Application for Music and Performing Arts?

How to simplify your music, theatre, and dance applications.

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Ever heard someone talk about their “Common App schools”? Ever since the Common Application first launched over 35 years ago, it’s become the face of college application season. The Common Application revolutionized the application process by creating one application for over 400 schools — almost eliminating the need to fill out multiple applications.

The Unified Application is as impressive as the Common Application, with one difference — it’s only for students applying to music and performing arts schools. Now, students who dream of attending conservatories throughout the country can also apply with ease.

Contact the schools you’re using the Unified Application for and ask what additional materials are needed to make your submission complete.

How is the Unified Application different from other applications?

The Unified Application is a college application that’s somewhat similar to the Common Application. Prospective students can go online and fill out one application for multiple schools. There’s no need to fill out a different application for every school or conservatory you’re applying to — everything you need is on the Unified Application website. Most importantly, the Unified Application simplifies the application process. You only have to enter your information once, no matter how many schools you choose to send the final application to.

What schools use the Unified Application?

The Unified Application is used for the following schools:

What will I need for the application?

The Unified Application requires some basic information from every student:

Be prepared — each of the six schools on the Unified Application requires supplemental materials too. Many require some kind of writing sample and an artistic resume. Depending on what type of program you’re applying to, you may also be asked to audition or complete a theory test.

How much will it cost?

Accessing the application is 100% free — but sending it in does come with a price tag. Applying to the conservatories that use the Unified Application is a bit more expensive than applying to typical colleges. Each conservatory has an application fee of approximately $100 — and make sure you get your materials in on time. The Unified Application schools do accept late applications, but you’ll be charged an additional $50.

Unified Application: Quick Tips

  • Contact the schools you’re using the Unified Application for and ask what additional materials are needed to make your submission complete.
  • When scheduling your audition date, see if the school offers any audition dates and locations near your hometown. You can save a bit of time and money if you don’t have to travel.

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