20 Questions to Ask Your High School Counselor

Not sure what you should be asking your counselor? Check out these questions before your next appointment.

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By Matt Shirley

Let's play 20 questions -- with your high school counselor, that is! Your high school counselor's job is to help you succeed both in and out of school. No matter where you are in your high school career, meeting your high school counselor is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the challenges of high school and getting into college.

Share your interests with your high school counselor and ask specific questions related to your own needs so that he or she can better help you.

Coming up with a list of questions beforehand is a helpful and efficient way to get the most out of your high school counselor.

Start with this list of questions for your counselor, then add your own:

  1. Which classes do I need to graduate high school and go to college?
  2. What electives and extracurricular activities do colleges like?
  3. Am I currently on track to graduate?
  4. Getting to know me will make it easier for you to help me. How can I help you get to know me better?
  5. What kind of grades and test scores do I need for colleges?
  6. Should I take AP/IB/Honors courses?
  7. Do you have information on the SAT/ACT and how to prep for them?
  8. Do you know where I can take the SAT/ACT?
  9. Here’s an example of a college I’m interested in. Do you know any schools similar to this?
  10. Do you have contacts or know anyone at the colleges I’m interested in?
  11. Do you write letters of recommendation for students?
  12. Can we go over my application to make sure I’m not forgetting anything?
  13. Is there anything that would make my resume look better?
  14. What would make my personal essay stronger?
  15. Do I qualify for fee waivers for my college applications?
  16. Do you know any good scholarships?
  17. What should I know about financial aid for college?
  18. Can you help me fill out my FAFSA or financial aid documents?
  19. Can you help me figure out what kind of careers I might be interested in?
  20. Can we review my transcript together?

Remember that you know yourself the best. Share your interests with your high school counselor and ask specific questions related to your own needs so that he or she can better help you. And don’t be afraid to talk about your grades and test scores, even if they could be better. It’s your counselor’s job to help you improve and make the most of your academic qualifications.

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