15 Hogwarts Spells You Wish Worked in College

These spells would surely make life in college a little bit easier. Find out which spells the Hogwarts clan mastered would make college students happy.

By Sydney Nikols | April 21, 2014

Everyone wishes they could attend Hogwarts, but you'll just have to settle for practicing spells in your dorm room.
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College life in the muggle world is undoubtedly enjoyable, but there are some inherent nuisances that could easily be fixed using magic. Harry Potter can feel free to visit muggle campuses at his earliest convenience to share the secrets behind these 15 spells.

1. “Alohomora”

This spell opens locked doors and windows, which would be nice for when you forget your dorm room keys for the hundredth time.

2. “Engorgio”

This spell causes objects to grow in size. How big would you make your late night slice of pizza?

3. The Unbreakable Charm

This one makes an object unbreakable, which could safeguard you from the ultimate collegiate nightmare: a broken laptop paired with a fast-approaching deadline.

The unbreakable charm would be especially good for safeguarding your hard drive.

4. The Banishing Charm

This charm, which allows you to remove something from your presence, would be a lifesaver during finals week – you could make YouTube disappear entirely in order to actually focus on studying.

5. The Confundus Charm

This charm causes people to become confused and easily influenced. Your professor could even become convinced that you deserve an “A” in spite of sleeping through nine of his classes.

6. “Relashio”

“Relashio” causes a stream of sparks to pour out from the spell caster’s wand, creating a firework-like effect. This would be a pretty sweet party trick to pull out between beer pong rounds, don’t you think?

When "relashio-ing"at social gatherings, make sure to avoid any fire alarms or sprinklers. Party foul!

7. The Cushioning Charm

In Harry Potter’s world, this is used to add an invisible cushioned area to broomsticks; in college, it’d be used to ease the pain of sitting through a three-hour lecture on one those terrible plastic chairs.

8. “Reducto”

This one causes any object to reduce in size. Do you think it could shrink your workload? )(Or maybe just a pre-date pimple?)

9. “Langlock”

Casting the “Langlock” spell renders someone speechless, and by “someone” we mean “that one girl in class who seriously just won’t stop talking.”

We imagine the Langlock spell involves shouting "TONGUE-OS STOP MOVING-OS!" while waving your wand around.
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10. “Wingardium Leviosa”

This one allows you to levitate an object and navigate it through air – perfect for those moments when your bag of Doritos somehow ended up on your roommate’s side of the bedroom.

11. The Imperturbable Charm

This charm would be a godsend during finals week – it creates a barrier that allows no people, objects, or sound to cross it, so you could study sans “Hey bro, wanna go play some Ultimate Frisbee on the quad?”

12. “Muffliato”

The “Muffliato” spell fills people’s ears with a buzzing noise so that you can talk without being heard. Now you and your classmate can really get into what happened last night on “Real Housewives. “

The "muffliato" spell is also good for gossip. It's not talking behind someone's back if you do it right in front of them.
Photo: Fanpop.com

13. “Oblivate”

This one erases or modifies a person’s memory. We bet this spell would come in handy after a disagreement with your roommate… after a bad run in with your professor! Repeat after us: “I can see why I’m your favorite student! I did superbly on that recent quiz and I’ve never been late even once!”

14. The Unbreakable Vow

For this spell, the Unbreakable Vow one creates a magic pact between two people that’s absolutely binding, so your partner for that class project wouldn’t be able to “randomly come down with a really weird cold” and leave you with all the workload.

15. “Scourgify”

This one can be used to clean any object, and by “any object” we mean, an entire dorm room that’s covered in Cheeto dust.

Despite this picture, "scourgify" doesn't involve setting everything on fire. Although, we suppose that would remove Cheeto stains.

A transfer to Hogwarts may seriously be in order, especially if we can finally get some quality time with that Sorting Hat – the suspense of which house we’d belong to has been haunting us for years.

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